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Damnit, overnight I downloaded Dimension Jump, on account of how much I utterly love Chris Barrie, and how that's like totally one of the best episodes. I also got Rimmerworld and Holoship while I was at it, but those two are inferior to Dimension Jump. Anyhow, so it didn't download right, or somebody b0rked the file or something, because it won't play. It's like, totally vexing...

Hmm, I think my PC could do with a major reboot right about now (my MP3s are jumping more than Princess Leia on crack at a metal club) - something is still sucking up my system resources. I've had Turnpike expunge my entire Usenet archive, just to free up the memory that's taken up in loading that with Explorer, and I've done a few other things to help too. I've burned all my Friends and Invader Zim episodes to about 5 CDs, and deleted those. Now that my hard drive is down to about 17gb full instead of 20gb, I think I might defrag it. It's funny, I've started to want my MP3s to be on CDs instead of the other way around now... Like, before, I'd get a CD, put it to MP3 format, and forget about it. But now I want to burn all my MP3s onto Audio CDs, just so that I can listen to the songs on my Discman. Ho hum :o)

Anyhow, I have money to pay into the bank. So I think I'll go do that, while I have scandisk make sure my drive is ready for defrag (my first in 18 months, and I've been putting a lot of things on this PC, then taking them off again, so it's pretty fragmented)...

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*ponders* poor computer.

poke it. that'll fix it. ::nods::

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