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Before I go for my nap, here's a quick status update...

Might be going clubbing on Saturday, but I'll have to find an outfit that passes for school uniform in order to get in cheap (yes, it's that night at the Gloucester, it's all kinda sick, but what can you do...). Which might mean some clothes shopping tomorrow. I'm thinking of wearing the most fucked up school uniform imaginable - I'll totally destroy it :o)

Monday will probably be Club New York again, on account of how excellent it is...

Then Tuesday, Vicky is coming over so we can have a girlie night in (it's been too long). That basically means getting in a load of wine, me cooking something for her (probably Tacos), then retiring to my room to watch slushy movies and chat and stuff. Which will be like, the most fun thing :o)

Then for the rest of the week, it's working on my maths essay for me, sadly....

Anyhow, nap time

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I had no idea that "like" is a popular word in UK too.


Well see, I might still have the accent, but over-exposure to American culture, plus the fact that I totally love it, means that a lot of my spelling and sentence structure tends towards American stuff. It all goes back to when my accent was much more posh, and I threw stuff in there to like, make it sound less posh...

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