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aww, dont're too cute :)

Huh, that was easy change of mind... What's up, hon?

Nothing - I was just really sleepy, that's all... :o)

(of course, I'm not any more... *sigh*... hope I got enough to last me the day...)

what time is it there now ? Why aren't u sleeping? Isn't it very early?

It's about 5:40am right now, but I'm not tired. I had like three and a half hours of sleep, so I should be fine :o)

why get up so early...just go back to sleep for a few more hours.

I would, but I'm not tired. After clubbing on Monday, I've been kinda sleeping during the day rather than at night. Yesterday I slept from about 10am to 3pm, so those few hours last night were just all I needed to top me up, as it were...

The crazy mixed up life of a student!

I'm jealous ... I miss it!

I'm not a student anymore and I still ahve that life...

Actually, I wish I had a normal sleep schedule. I never do.

And I wish I didn't!

Maybe I'll go back and get two more degrees just for the social life! :-)

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