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I steal things from others
An Important Tip In Life: It's better to regret action than inaction

Things I'd Like To Be Doing: Sleeping,

What I Am Really Doing: Sitting in my room, roasting in the heat, doing neck exercises to try to make it stop aching, and typing up this survey

Clothing When Filthy Rich: Lots of black - I'll have two of everything, and it'll all be really good

Clothing I'd Like To Seduce Someone With: Ideally, seducing somebody while in my clubbing clothes would be good, since it implies that I'd actually have a successful night :o)

Clothing Now: Blue boxers. And that's it.

Things I'd Like To Eat: Right now? Couldn't eat another thing...

Things I Ate For Dinner: You mean breakfast. I had grilled cheese with bacon

Who I'd Like To Eat With: Too easy

Who I'd Like To Eat: Also too easy

Who I Ate With: Nobody

Penis I'd Like To Caress: No thank you

Penis Am Currently Caressing: As the man says, there's only one within reach, and I ain't doing owt with it

Wish: Made one, but I can't tell or it won't come true ;o)

Reality: This... *gestures*

Place I'd Rather Be: In bed

Place I'd Really Rather Be: Well, you can guess...


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