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Have you the brain worms?!!
Now what Zim? What's your next plan?
Let's run screaming!

Classic, it really is... I'm downloading a few Invader Zim episodes to keep me busy until I see Shanu's video of it (and I had to delete about 1gb of MP3s to obtain the space to do so)... As far as I can remember, I only saw about two episodes of it in America over the summer (the one with the germs, the one with the bestest friend), but it was just something I watched having never had it recommended to me, nor even having heard of it before. But I utterly loved it. It's hard to explain why, since it's part of a branch of animation that actually kinda scares me - I rarely like surreal things where there's no real authority (such as Ren and Stimpy, for instance), they bother me. Yet Invader Zim fits this category quite well, and I still like it.

Perhaps it's the fact that the whole place is just really goth, and for some reason that just appeals. Perhaps it's the fact that the humour is actually really high quality. Or perhaps it's just the fact that the show is just damned excellent. Whatever the reason, I love it, and I'm pissed that Nick appear to have cancelled it. What's funny is that I'm not alone - it seems to be far more popular among my age bracket than I'd have ever thought... Anyhow, I've only completed one download, but the others are all on their way, with an ETA of about 15 minutes until the next one is done... :o)

I've looked into it, and Sussex Uni has a dance club. I didn't suspect for even a minute that they might not, but now I know that they certainly do. I'm giving thought to joining it - just lately, the rhythm seems to have taken control of my feet - if there's a song I can dance to, then inevitably I will. Not as in club dancing or anything, just... well... it's hard to explain, and I'm afraid my credibility might be damaged if I try. Quite what will happen to my credibility if I join a dancing club is probably something worth considering too though ;o)

Anyhow, I feel rather awake - more later :o)


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