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NOT AGAIN!!! I tried to type "We", but hit CTRL instead of SHIFT, and Nutscrape closed my f'ing browser. FFS!!!

Anyhow, what I had been saying was that the others went to the HotHouse last night, and stayed for about 2 minutes before coming home in disgust. I don't think they were too impressed. Going out again tonight, but just coke for me, I think. Depends what others are doing. Went on the swings with Mice last night, but otherwise stayed in (but for a couple of visits to Brighthelm, having blended their mushroom army they sent us). At about 11:30, somebody had the bright idea of watching the South Park DVD in my room, so everybody piled in there and we watched that. So few of them had seen it, so it was nice to know I was actually being of some help. Somehow my webcam got a shot of Vicky's thong (don't ask - James did it).

Right, so anyway, after we got back from the swings, Mice went to bed for a few hours. The next I heard from her was a text message at about midnight, saying:

"Hey! R u in the house @ the mo? If u r can u come 2 my room? Ur not wanted 4 that!! Hee! Just Tolis is sat here & I cant think of a way of getting out"

Turns out, she'd woken up, and about 5 minutes later, he'd knocked on her door. She answered it, and he came in and sat down. They spoke about Greek football or something, then I came to the rescue. I knocked on the door, feigning the belief that I thought she might be asleep, then asked if she wanted to come watch the movie with us. Unsurprisingly, she accepted. Yay, I like helping.

So, let's see, what's going on now... Well, I've just had a maths lecture, and I have an AI lecture in about 45 minutes. Fun, eh? Just been reading journals - Scott is currently overwhelming me with honour (a good thing), David is being David, Ross is being a little tit, various other things are occuring... I've been thinking about sorting out my phone line in my room, but I'm really just too darned lazy. Shame, eh? :o)

Erm, I don't know what to say, really... More later. Or not, as the case may be, since I'm going back to bed when I get back to the flat :o)

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I want to read more about your tales of Uni Life. For some reason, it facinates me. You should have photos as well - a bit like Peter Bull ( That's well funny.

Perhaps sometime I shall send you a copy of my big journal which I store on my PC in my room. That has a lot more detail in it :o)

Expect an e-mail later anyway, simply because I have nonsense to go on about, and you deserve it :o)

Hurrah!!! Excellent!!!

It may have to wait - I don't enjoy using Hotmail, and the Uni IMAP servers are down. Plus, things right now are highly changeable - if I send a mail now, it will certainly be out of date by tomorrow.

Well, post privatly in your LJ.

I haven't that ability - I can't install the client on the machines here, and thus can't edit groups of friends

I see. Well, you can post so only your friends can see them... Thusly, a second LJ account? Brad might shake his fist however.

I paid Brad $25 for my current one - surely he would allow me to, should I wish to.

However, I don't, so... :o)


Well thats what I'm best at ;-p -Ross

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