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Guitar Tab
Ed, here's the tab for the intro to If You Really Wanna Hear About It by The Ataris, and indeed for anybody else...

E |-0-----0---0-----1-0-----------0-
B |---1-----3---3-1-----3-1-0-1-3---
G |-----0---------------------------

E |-0-----0---0-----1-0-3-----
B |---1-----3---3-1-------1-3-
G |-----0---------------------

Now to work out the correct tab for Summer Wind, since the only ones I've found are wrong (they're too simple, and I could use the challenge of working out the real one)

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Indeed. That's how I managed to work it out ;o)

Oh man ... such complex arpeggios should not be attempted! ;0)

Pfft, up yours, northerner

Now now ... next week we will be working on scales!

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