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And, in passing, more guitar stuff that nobody will bother downloading...

Alone in Santa Cruz

Anyhow, the washing is on, time to feed myself...

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I downloaded it, and I liked it. I want to learn to play Bass or something, but I have no motivation and am too poor to afford it.

I'll move along now, don't mind me...

It was good, but the quality really sucks :-(

Yeah, I know - you'll have to wait until I'm next home for the live version. It sounds really good :o)

well I WOULD download, but I have no idea what the song is so..

I did download your erm.. shit forgotten the name. oh Be Like That. Twas quite good, makes me wish I could do more than plunk :-)

It doesn't sound so great recorded anyway - none of my recordings are any good :o\

My Be Like That was okay, but like, I missed a few notes in it as I recall. I think I can do it better now, but there's little point re-recording it...

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