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Today in review
Well let's see... Woke up at around... I dunno... say 3pm or so. Anyhow, after a short while of being awake, Jimbo expressed a need for food, so we wandered down to McDonalds (less than 5 minutes away) for food. I had my usual - 9 McNuggets, and large fries. Then we went food shopping briefly, and got back here at about 5pm.

In a thousand years, there will be no men and
women, just wankers, and that's fine by me.

The evening was usual enough - talking to people online, watching a bit of TV... Then at about 9:30pm, I went downstairs and watched Jerry Maguire for a few hours. Good movie. I like uplifting movies, and that fits the bill perfectly. Motivational, and stuff...

Anyhow, after that, came back upstairs, more TV, more talking to people, got hungry, and went downstairs to eat and watch the news. And it finally happened. I'd been very good on not providing a commentary on current events lately, and this deal with the guys who are in prison on Cuba has been eating away at me, but I've kept quiet. As I've said to people before, my opinion is only that political discussions are not conducive to friendships. But I figured that if anything made me lose my temper and speak out, it'd be the Americans. But no, it was the British. And I loosely quote the TV:
"The government urges those who are unhappy with the living conditions of the prisoners to remember who it is that they support"
WHAT THE FUCK? I mean really... That's such fucking bullshit, that really is. It pisses me off beyond all belief, seriously. So what, anybody who supports Osama Bin Laden loses their right to be treated humanely? Your political affiliation somehow negates your basic human rights? It's okay to treat people like shit and ignore International law if they support the enemy? Give me a fucking break...

It was bad enough when the US plucked these guys out of the country in which they were found, and flew them back to their own country to stand trial, unless I'm mistaken, under US law (they get this jurisdiction from where exactly?), and declare that rather than being prisoners of war (who are protected under the Geneva convention and can only be tried under international law), they are in fact just unlawful combatants, and as such, they can do what the fuck they like with the prisoners without any rules or regulations. It's fucking sickening. Yes, they supported a bad bad person, but then again, were they terrorists? Did they necessarily agree with the terrorist actions? I know that I support our government, but disagree with many of their actions.

Their only actual crime, as is known to the public at present, was fighting against the Americans. And I'm sorry, but in a free world, in a free world, in the event of war, a person should be able to join whatever side their conscience tells them to. And after the event, they should be held accountable only as much as any other participant, and if measures are taken to ensure peace, they should be as minimal as is required. I don't think that these guys needed such harsh treatment to neutralise whatever threat they posed, to be honest. And we call ourselves civilized...

Okay, rant over - just needed to get that out. And now, time for bed...

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James - Al Qaeda is known as nothing other than a terrorist organisation and markets itself as such. You just need to read their publications or watch their videos to know this. Simple membership of a terrorist organisation is illegal under International Law (and the US actions were backed by the UN in terms of the extraction of prisoners). To acknowledge their membership therefore is a crime.

It is also a crime organisation raising funds from drug smuggling and numerous other illegal activities. The extraction is therefore a legal action.

BUT I am in total agreement with you over their human rights. This is something which simply cannot be ignored.

That said - I should do some work!

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Glad to see it's not just me and my wishy-washy liberal friends :o)

I find it rather funny that America seem to have this idea that they can launch a "war" against terrorism then not class people they lock up as P.O.W's.

I know - stupid, isn't it :o)

as embarrasing as watching my own country's shit can get, watching your country's constant sycophanty falling all over itself to voice support for our fucked up dealings with the world lately has been creepy. something feels deeply screwed up about blair's constantly kissing the ass of a president skating on thin ice here. there's a popular myth here that europeans know US history better than most americans. maybe it doesn't matter. anything for oil...

Re: chumbawamba - tony

What can I say? Our government sucks :o)

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