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It's weird, I can actually feel the shape of how things would have been if I'd never been here. I know how things would have gone without me, but I can't see how things would have been if I'd been here, and others hadn't. I can tell you how other peoples' lives would have gone had I never come into them, but I can't imagine my own any other way. It's odd, that... Some lives would probably have been better in some ways without me, and that's not the most comforting of thoughts...

But onto happier subjects - for instance, my desire to get fit (read: have a nicer body). Back in November, ish, I was doing David's stomach things each night to help tone up or whatever it is one does. Stopped doing it over Christmas, because what with actual work and stuff, I frankly didn't have the energy to be arsing about like that. However, I've decided to start doing them again, so...

Exercise Progress
Friday - 30
Saturday - 40
Sunday - 120

That's not bad going at all. Specifically, the number I've done tonight. In blocks of 50, 25, 25, 20, over a period of about 20 minutes. As the picture on my website demonstrates, they actually do work. After all, it looks like I actually have muscles there, no? :o)

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i just wanted to say, you're cute :P

Thanks, I believe you've told me before ;o)

Here, I think.

But thanks again anyway ;o)

yeah...well i wanted to tell you again. :p

Well I loved hearing it again ;o)

Working full time and staying fit is very difficult - especially when you work long long hours. If it wasn't for the fact that we had a Gym at work I probably wouldn't find the energy to go after work!

I know - when I was working, I found that if I tried to do any exercise in the mornings before work, then I was already kinda tired by the time I got there. And by the end of work, I was already knackered out. So the aim is to have a reasonable degree of fitness before I go to work, and live off that for a while :o)

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