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Oh no!
I have been learning more about last night. Specifically, that after getting back from the bar, Mice and I went to her room briefly, and she got changed. While I was in the room. And I was so out of it that I didn't notice. In some cultures, suicide is committed for errors less severe than this. I mean come on! Yeesh! :o(

Anyhow, I don't have all that much to say really. I've nothing to do today except a workshop for an exercise sheet I've already completed. Ha. I'll just sit around being lazy, as per... Tonight some people are going clubbing, some people are staying in. I am yet to decide which group I belong to. But if I stay in, I may order in a pizza, on account of saving lots of money now that I no longer drink. Which is something I'm actually quite serious about - I shan't drink for a long time. The feeling of hot liquid gushing up ones' oesophagus while you're paralysed and blinded by alcohol is not one I wish to repeat, or indeed go anywhere near repeating. No sir, a nice sober lifestyle is now what I shall live - I shall put this down to necessary experience, since I can now form opinions on the subject and those related to it with a more complete perspective. Scott, you may resume looking upon me with awe :o)

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I give it 3 days. :o)

Re: Sober Lifestyle...

That's pretty optimistic, actually... :o)

Nah, to be honest, last time I made that decision it lasted a week, and I see no reason why this one shouldn't last at least as long. After all, I threw up from drinking for the first time in my life - this was significant, and, like, bad and stuff. I won't be forgetting my reasons not to drink in a hurry.

Re: Sober Lifestyle...

You will be drinking on Saturday, me, dan and Dave? will make sure of it :)

Re: Sober Lifestyle...

I'll have you know my name begins with a capital "D".

Re: Sober Lifestyle...

Yes, I probably will. Oh well. That'll still be 4 days or something, which isn't half bad :o)

Let me get this straight ... someone female undressed in your presence and YOU DIDN'T NOTICE????????

Er ... WHAT exactly were you drinking? 8-) I think the rest of us need to know. 8-D

This is correct. Believe me, nobody feels worse about this than I do...

It was only Brandy and Archers. I've never got that bad before on it :o(

You poor bugger. :-( Are you feeling okay otherwise - it's not that you were coming down with a cold/flu or were really upset or something? I've had some absolutely EVIL reactions to alcohol under those circumstances ...

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