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So, Saturday night, and do I have plans? Do I bollocks... But that won't stop me dressing up as if I do - dressing up nice is fun. Especially when you have new clothes you want to wear. So I'm currently decked out in the ever fashionable black outfit, which (even if I do say so myself) is damned nice.

I'm getting vain. Not so much in a conceited way, just in a compulsively needing to look at my reflection way. I decided to move my full length mirror over to one side, so I could see the whole thing (the bottom half was previously behind my chest of drawers), but now I can't see my reflection when I'm on the computer. This is more important to me than you might think, as it goes - I'm seriously considering risking back injury by moving my chest of drawers over to one side, and putting the mirror right next to me :o)

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or... use a web cam to display your image on the computer so you don't even have to look away...

I thought about that, but there are three reasons against it.

1\ It would involve more effort than just looking to my left and seeing my reflection
2\ It would use up processing power on my PC
3\ I look better in mirrors than on my webcam, and so it'd just depress me

Guess I'll just have to suffer. Or turn into a daffodil....

glue a little mirror to the top of the monitor

I'm certainly giving it thought :o)

So do I... I like to think it proves that I don't have to always look crappy :o)

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