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I love this song. I don't listen to Del Amitri as often as I should, and that makes me a little sad...
and we'll all be lonely tonight
and lonely tomorrow
and by five o'clock everything's dead
and every third car is a cab
It's very much "James goes wandering around Brighton at 5am" music. That's the sort of mood it puts me in. And I might, in a bit, although it's getting a bit late to get the full effect - there'll be people around soon. And, on a related topic (hence my (uncharacteristically) not starting a new paragraph when changing tack), it's funny how your dreams as a child can affect you as an adult. My two earliest memories are of dreams, both of which were certainly before the age of 5. The earlier of the two was a dream where everything around me was black, and then eyes started appearing out of the darkness. That's all it was, but then, that's all it had to be to make me scared of the dark for the next 16 years or so. I kid you not, it's only in the last year or two that I've gotten over my fear of the dark. Well, it's not so much a fear of the dark, as a fear of the creatures that lurk in the dark.

I could, of course, argue that said irrational fear really evaporated a few years ago, but I didn't notice because it was replaced by the logical fear of things in the dark. After all, at home, there are creatures in my house that do not sleep at night, that have better vision than me, have enormous fangs, and want to attack me. I refer, of course, to Alfred. I had a legitimate reason to fear the dark at that point. But that's kinda passed now - I seem to wander the house here in the pitch black - I've learned my way around rather well, really...

The other dream (and here comes the connection) was simply where I was in my village with my grandmother, by the church, in the wee hours of the morning. There was nobody around, there was just us, the church (and the bells ringing), and the street lights. Which is part of why I really love the orange glow of street lights - it was a happy dream, that one, and it's all kinda comforting.

In a similar flashback style sequence, I'm now reminded of a really happy time in my life. It was the birthday party of a family friend (I think that's what it was, anyway), and they had (I believe) a barn dance at the village hall. This is quite a good few many years back - kinda getting into mid nineties type period. Anyhow, at this barn dance, I met this girl called Sonia - she was like, totally beautiful (although I have trouble picturing her now, of course). Anyhow, I got to chatting to her loads and stuff, that sort of thing, but the end result was, I came away from the party totally infatuated with her. Anyhow, the party ended at 2am, so I walked home through the orange-lit streets alone, which was really the first time I'd properly been out and about at night with nobody around. And I was in such a happy state, that I just automatically loved it.

I also got a similar feeling when I used to work for my mum at Chinnor Community Education Centre. Sometimes (if she'd not be around at the right time to take me home) I'd cycle home, which involved riding along the streets after most of the traffic had gone away - I just loved that feeling...

And final example, one which my siblings can probably relate to - coming home from the caravan where we'd spend our holidays. We'd usually try to leave around lunch, so we'd get home at around dinner time, but sometimes we'd leave in the evening, and arrive home at around midnight, or sometimes later. There's something appealing about driving along at 1am on totally empty motorways - I just used to love it. I always love being driven at night. I mean, I really honestly do love the night time, the glow of the street lights, the feeling that there's nobody around, it's something I just really feel comfortable with.

Anyhow, that's something of a random post, I think, but sometimes I just have to be random... :o)


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