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Funny how fast £40 just goes, really... So, I had food shopping to do, and clothes to get. I was trying to go to Marks and Sparks, but I forgot where it was - there's a big long road that effectively runs straight through Brighton and on to Hove, with shops all down it - I remembered M&S being further down the road than it was, so I didn't start looking out for it until after I'd passed it. I managed to get half-way into Hove before noticing that I'd gone too far. Oh well :o)

So anyhow, on the way back towards M&S, I came across TopMan, and thought I'd try my luck in there first. Glad I did - came away with a really nice polyester shirt - it feels really light, it shines a bit, and moves perfectly on me. I now have another complete outfit - that's about three that I have now. I have my casual trousers / trainers / plain t-shirt / turtleneck one, then I have my shorts / man-flops / American t-shirt / plaid shirt one, and now I have my black jeans / black shoes / black t-shirt / black shirt outfit. Yay :o)

I know that means jack shit to anybody else, but it's important to me that I actually have a choice of looks when thinking about what to wear. I dunno quite when I got like that, but still... Anyhow, after I got that, I then wandered down to the sea for a bit (only the second time I've done that this term, I'm not sure why - I love the sea), then went to Sainsbury's for food and stuff... Now I won't starve yet :o)

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Heh ... and polyester is so nice too! ;0)

Absolutely - it's just a damned cool shirt :o)

mmmmmm polyester... heheh
actually polyester is fairly disturbing... I'll be walking down the road listening to my cd player and then I'll get an electric shock through my headphones from all the static my clothes have generated....
..and miri like stroking my polyester shirts far more that I'm sure is good for me...

Note to self - do not wear polyester while wires attach my clothes to my head... :o)

And you told me about Miri - that's why I'll be wearing my shirt when you all come down to visit ;o)

*giggles* but the wires aren't even touching the clothes... it the sparks jumping from your ears to the metal in the headphones...

*ponders* why don't you come *here*?

Hmm.... Either way, no headphones while wearing polyester :o)

Where is "here", exactly? :o)

Sounds easy enough :o)

Sorry about vanishing before - PC finally died at me :o\

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