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Okay, so I'm at Uni, as is my wont on a Thursday (I kinda have to be here, because I have a lecture in every single subject I take, and I can't afford to miss them all)... Anyhow, had my Computer Vision lecture, which was more interesting than the notes online. I think this explains why I should continue to go to these lectures rather than just sitting at home with the notes - at least if I turn up, I'm slightly entertained by the various examples and stuff. Anyhow, next lecture is a 12:30pm lecture in Natural Language Processing, which should be interesting. So that'll be finished at like 1:20pm, at which point I may well just get a train home, and come back for my CompVis seminar (which I simply must attend ;o), which is at 4pm. Either that, or I'll go to my 2pm maths lecture as well and be bored. It's still a-level stuff...

In random news, I just put on The Distance To Here on my Discman for like the first time in ages. I know I took it to America in my red CD carrier thing I got for Christmas, but I don't recall actually listening to it on the way (which is odd, since I was in transit for like 24 hours straight). Still, listening to it now - it brings back funny memories of late 1999, early 2000... Life was kinda different for me in those days. Now life is just an endless stream of expectations, both mine, and those of other people. I'm desperately wanting each and every day to live up to the last, to live up to what I've come to expect out of life, and it's slowly dawning on me that that's not going to happen. I want today to be better than tomorrow, I want this week to be better than the last, I want this year to top last year. Well, I ain't gonna get that, but it doesn't make me wish for it any less...

Anyhow, I have 40 minutes to kill before the next lecture, and I have no idea how I'm going to keep myself entertained. Oh goodness, what am I saying? I've just checked El Reg and they've got a new BOFH up. That'll keep me entertained all day, that will :o)

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Wow ... those 50 minute lectures must really test the concentration levels!


Tell me about it - I'm generally itching to get away after about 10 minutes....

Thats boredom though innit?

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