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What an odd night
We got another visitor last night. It was a cucumber with a face on it. This is in addition to the egg and pineapple we got, also with faces on them. They come with letters, explaining who they are and stuff. Charles the cucumber arrived while we were watching Leon, so during the break we called the number left with him. Voicemail. So we decided to communicate back with these people.

We knew they were in one of the flats opposite ours, so we sliced open Percy Pineapple. We then filled his innards with tomato ketchup, and left him outside their back door (which faces us), along with a mean looking carrot-man with a gun. We then knocked, and ran off, watching from the safety of the flat. A girl came out and exclaimed "They've massacred him!!" Quality humour, that... They then took the things inside with them, including a letter, with Vicky's mobile number on it. They send her a text message saying "Revenge will be swift and deadly". After nothing happened, we took one of Charles' arms off and wrapped it in twigs and "blood" in a bin bag. We left that outside their door too. At that point, I think they were upset that we'd hurt their people...

Anyhow, every now and again some guy with a dressing gown would come out of the house and look about to see if we were out there. We wanted to cream him with the egg they gave us, but that would be mean, although funny. Anyhow, the girls (silly that they are) send a text message telling him to moon us. So he did. In retaliation, James and myself went outside parading our bare chests at them - very funny. The girls then asked the guy over there to "get it out". They wanted something in exchange in advance, so Alex, Vicky, Lulu, Claire and Annie all flashed their bras at them. And the cruel people wouldn't let James and myself watch. We went out the fire exit at the back and skulked around to see, but they spotted us and sent us back in. Oh well. James and I then demanded that we saw some female flesh in exchange, so their ladies came out and flashed their bras too. But they weren't as pretty as our girls, so it wasn't so good. They then demanded that James and I go outside and "get them out", so we told them to sod off and went to bed.

Anyway.... That was a good bit of fun, really. Mice is back today - I was just going down to Maths to hand in my work when I saw her getting out of her parents' car (she got a lift back, see), so I went and said "hi", and so far she's still not left my sight for any more than a minute. We think Tolis is in a lecture, but you never can be too careful. Anyhow, later today she's going to tell him no, and asked me to be there when she does. This will be worth seeing, I think. Funnily enough, he spent a lot of last night with Harry - we knew she'd gone to check her e-mail at about 11:30pm, and at half past midnight she came back with Tolis. Hmm... If I'd known he was with her... well, I couldn't have done anything anyway. The thing is, she knows he has a girlfriend (in that he told her straight out), and she's still spending time with him and flirting and such. Grrr...

Tonight, Mice is meeting a new fancy man... Ha ha ha. She's looking over my shoulder and is probably going to kill me - not good. Please don't. Don't hit me. OK, so it's just a bloke, and she likes knowing people. That makes it better. Or something... Anyhow, I shall have to go along and make sure she doesn't do anything daft involving Hungarian wine or something... Heh... Anyhow, more later - off now... Bye :o)


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