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So, after 12 hours of sleep last night, plus another 2 hours this evening, I'm well and truly awake, and it's getting on for 1am. This is exactly the sort of situation I didn't fancy having before my longest and toughest day tomorrow, really... I start with a Computer Vision lecture at 10:15 tomorrow morning, and end with a Computer Vision seminar at 4pm... So I have to be out of the house from about 9:30am to 5:30pm. I mean, okay, it's not as long as a day at work back home, but still, it's an evil day. Now that I think about it, I should look up what I'm doing in CompVis tomorrow...

*wanders off to do that*

*realises it's all on the Internet, and that wandering is not required*

That's what the lecture is on. The subject matter of the last lecture actually came to me in a dream - obviously I learnt it at the time, but it took until the weird dream for me to understand it. Which was cool... Anyhow, other than the pizza I had earlier (everybody else had pizza too, so it was acceptable), I've not eaten all day (I've only been awake 6 hours in total, but still), so I should eat soon. I've discovered a cool variant on grilled cheese - putting marmite between the cheese slices, and making sure it all melts into one. It's great...

At some point, I'm going to make a great sauce - melt some cheese in with some milk (needs to be in liquid to stop it going icky), and add marmite, peanut butter, herbs, etc., to make a wonderful sauce. I dunno what I would have said sauce with yet, but you know, first I create it, then I find an application. It'll go great with something, I just know it - perhaps as an extra topping to pizza or something. I'll build it before the weekend is over, I know that much :o)

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Good lord, is that lecture going to be as boring as it looks from the notes???

I don't know, after the first slide I decided to just wait for the lecture, since the lectures are generally more interesting than just the notes :o)

True ... I hope it isn't too evil. ;-)

If it is, then I'll just have to cope as best I can, and then ask lots of questions of the hot research student who teaches the seminar ;o)

SNEAKY! I like it! 8-)

You didn't seriously think that I was going through life without a plan, did you? ;o)

I should have known ... %-)

The only reason I would ever go to lectures or seminars is if I have a masterplan whereby I benefit from doing so (beyond the whole 'getting a degree' thing)...

So far that 'getting a degree' thing is about the only excuse I've managed ... well, that and 'not failing so I won't have to pay the tuition fees twice for the same course'. ;-) Not terribly motivational, really!

I'd send you the lass who takes our seminar, but you can't have her. Plus, she probably wouldn't appeal anyway... :o)

What an unfortunate shame ... I've yet to come across a male in the evening IT classes that wasn't either entirely vom-worthy or gay or married. %-)

Hey - don't dismiss them as gay until you're really sure - I suffer from girls thinking I'm gay far more often than I'd prefer, and it gets annoying ;o)

See this post:

(note: the Claire referred to in the post isn't the one I live with)

Good grief, I'd forgotten about that one (I remember reading it, too) ... how incredibly daft some people are ...

These things happen..... :o)

That's true ... I've had people think I was a lesbian, but then, with hair this short, no makeup, and baggy clothes, I'm probably asking to be stereotyped. ;-)

Likewise with my bleached hair, eyebrow piercing, gay smile, gold stud in my ear, etc.... It all just contributes to a certain image...

It could be worse ... at least this way, women let their guard down around you, until it's too late ... mwahahhahaha ... ;-)

Well I've not noticed that yet, but I'm hoping.... :o)

call me an uneducated american...

but a friend of mine (from South Africa) told me marmite was um - OX?! he CLAIMS it's really good - but um - ox cheese and bread?! doens't sound appetizing to me?!

Re: call me an uneducated american...

Um, no, it's yeast extract. Goes really well with both cheese and peanut butter. My sauce is going to rule :o)

Re: call me an uneducated american...

then why does he say it's ox n says he hs some at his houe? i'm so lost - may-b it's just different there...?! he told me to ask you if it was the same thing as some other word - sounded weird - but then again i dont understand half of what he says anyways (south african accent plus english is his second language) i 'm all confused - is it like butter - or like - argh - what does it taste like?

Re: call me an uneducated american...

Perhaps he's thinking of Oxo or something (which is perhaps similar)... It doesn't taste like anything else in the world, apart from Vegemite (a little). It's like this unique brown spread for toast and stuff - it's great, but trust me, you'd hate it :o)

Re: call me an uneducated american...

Bovril perhaps?

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