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Vanity Strikes Again...
How is it possible that I spent more than £20 in Boots? I mean really... I now have shower gel, shampoo, two types of conditioner (regular, and one for blonde hair), three types of styling stuff (wet gell, invisible gell, and wax), two types of aftershave... I mean really, why?! Still, it'll all last for ages, so that's okay. But now I have to decide which things to use when - not only do I have to decide how to style my hair, but I have to choose which product to do it with. Decisions! Argh!

Anyhow, I now have my outfit for tonight picked out. Mostly black, with a couple of areas of high contrast with that theme, just for fun. Can't be bothered with fully explaining it...

Did I mention that lately, when writing songs, rather than writing them for my voice, I've started just writing them for Ewan McGregor's? It's very odd, that... I now write them with his singing in mind, just because it gives me a much better vocal range to work with. Although I have to say, my own singing is coming along well - I can actually sing in harmony with my guitar now, which is nice (and new)...

Anyhow, more later, perhaps - only 4 hours before clubbing, I should start getting ready ;o)

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It's official

You raging homosexual, you.

Pfft... You'd have more hair-care products than me, if you had any, DMZ...

Hair, that is.....

Re: It's official

At least it's by choice rather than inherent. Besides, do you know how much time I save in the morning by not needing to do my hair?

Would I be correct in thinking that you're responsible for that being on my computer? :o)

Welcome to the girl's world of hair and hair care! Take some pics of yourself in your hot outfit! :-)

At no point did I pretend it looked hot :o)

i assumed.'s not the's who wears it

I refer you to my previous response ;o)

I've taken some pictures, but my webcam's quality leaves something to be desired, so they all look totally crap :o)

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