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So, I finished 2kg of Nutella in under a week. Over 4lbs of nutty chocolate goodness. It was yummy, but now it's gone, and I miss it... :o)

Furthermore, I had an excellent night of sleep last night - I woke up at 11am, having gone to bed at around 2am or so... And not just that, but I slept really well too - the electricity went off at about quarter past eight this morning (thanks to Dirk and his IRC log telling me when my idle client pinged out), so I went through the entire morning in silence, just lying there sleeping on and off.

So I'm well rested, I've completed my Nutella (a massive achievement, I'm proud of myself), I don't have to be at Uni for another couple of hours, the sun is shining in through the window, my room is reasonably tidy, and I'm going out clubbing tonight. I can already tell that today is going to be a good day indeed.


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