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It's that time again...
I've been absent a lot lately. Well, from posting. Publicly, that is. I find myself becoming increasingly bored with what I have to say, so I've decided to condense the public boredom into a few posts every now and again, interspersed with lyrics which I hope are substantially less boring than I am - do you think it's working? This post was brought to you by The Ataris - Bite My Tongue...
What can I say
I'll bite my tongue again today
What can I do when I feel so stupid over you
I wish they'd go ahead and cut it off
Anyway, for starters, let's just concentrate on today, and work back from there. So, I was woken up at some unGodly time of the morning by work going on outside - something about the water or something - anyhow, our water was off for quarter of an hour, and I was woken up, but that's more or less there is to tell about that. Anyhow, I kept waking up before my alarm, mistakenly believing that it was after my alarm, and that I'd missed my lecture. And as we speak, I've just found an SMS from David on my phone that I allegedly got this morning - how odd. But anyway, so yes, when my alarm finally went off, I decided to just not go in for my first lecture, but to check my e-mail and stuff. By the time I finished checking my e-mail, I was awake enough to go into Uni and go to the lecture anyway...
And I don't wanna work anymore
'cause sometimes I just can't ignore
The way I feel when I see you smile
So anyway, University was reasonable - had yet another boring lecture on Complex Variable - honestly, I'm more than halfway through University, and I'm still doing a-level material. So that was reasonably easy for me to do, at any rate - I spent most of the lecture making notes and drawing additional helpful diagrams for Vicky, who hasn't done this at a-level, and was having trouble working out what the lecturer meant (he talked quite a bit of bollocks at times - he tried to tell us that an angle x was somehow different from the angle x + 2kπ, when viewed on the complex plane, which it is not). Anyhow, after the lecture, I came home for a bit, had a quick sleep, a bite to eat, that sort of thing. Then went back in for my workshop at 5pm (too damned late on a Monday, frankly, but I guess it's better than early). Anyhow, so that all went okay, I did well on the worksheet (which I fully intend to hand in tomorrow - yay me), and then came home. And that's where you find me right now :o)
And someday I'll just shut my eyes
And maybe then you'll realize
I'm just a fucking geek in love with you.
So, onto other matters. My weekend, for example. Well, let's see... I watched The Big Lebowski at some point - it's a reasonable enough film, excellent in parts, but (like all Coen brothers films) lacked a certain something. I'm not sure what, but I seem to have expectations of the content of the movies that I watched, and when certain components are missing (such as any sort of closure at the end), it irks me. Or something. Or, like, when the plot is missing, as was the case in The Gift, or when any enjoyment at all is missing, and the movie is just a void that sucks your soul into it, as in the case of The Hole. Some movies just bug me ;o) But otherwise, it was good. Speaking of movies, I went to see Lord of the Rings with Alex, Claire and Harry the other day. I went suitably attired, if perhaps a little mix and match. In the style of the Ring Wraiths, I was wearing black from top to toe (first time in like, years, I think - as in, underwear, socks, and (crucially) shoes)). In general fantasy style, my t-shirt had a dragon on it. And in the style of the ring-bearer, I naturally had Jen's ring on a chain around my neck. Well, you know, it's a bit of fun, isn't it... The second time felt a lot longer than the first, but no less enjoyable after it was done...
When the time's right
To use a stupid pick up line
"So how's the weather
Do you wanna spend the night together?"
So after Lord of the Rings, we all went to Pizza Hut (which was just about open), and got pizza. Which was nice - it's fun to go out with people and have proper house events, or whatever you'd call it. We don't do much as a group these days (perhaps because I spent most of the time sniping at the others, but still). Anyhow, I only had half of my pizza, so I brought the rest home (as per) and finished it in the wee hours of that morning. Yummy, cold pizza is great. In more random news, I just noticed my knife - I love my knife. It's just a little pen-knife, but I've had it for ages. This being the knife I didn't take to America with me, in case the people at the airport "got pissy with me" (in-joke, you just had to be there). Anyhow, it's cool - the blade it black from my special purple candle (which still lives in the neck of the champaigne bottle I got for my 18th), and it's what I used to carve out pretty patterns on the candle and stuff. Anyhow, enough random stuff - back to the topic (if there is one)...
I know that you are just a girl
But in my eyes you rule the world
I just thought I'd let you know
Half-way, or thereabouts (depending on how much I can be bollocksed with writing at this point). I swear I'm getting roots with my hair, you know - every now and then, when it's at the right angle, I feel like I can see this darkness just coming through at the bottom, and it's not even been a week yet. Then again, my hair always did grow really fast. Right now, the general plan may or may not be to let the roots grow up a bit, then cut my hair so that only the ends are left blonde, and then go for a while with frosted tips. However, be warned that my plans for my hair change more or less every twenty minutes, so what I say no is irrelevant :o)
You're my best friend and thats okay
But I wanna see you night and day
And wake up holding you right by my side
I've said my piece so now I'll run and hide
To steal a Friends quote - Gloria Estefan was right - the rhythm is going to get you. It's got me, at any rate. No, seriously... Recently, music has been taking more and more control over me. The first example I can think of would have been in later december, when I was ice skating with Jen, and for no apparent reason, the spirit of the music filled me, and I felt the need to become one with it. Of course, coupled with my inexperience of skating, this led me to try spinning around in time with the music, and fall on my arse - the point, however, is that for some reason I was moved by the music to try to become a part of it, or something. It was odd. Anyhow, just lately, it's been getting worse - especially when I listen to the Moulin Rouge soundtrack (although other songs are responsible for this behaviour too). For instance, when I listen to Lady Marmalade, I start strutting. Not just walking in time, but actual damned strutting. It's shocking. Even worse, whenever Your Song, or the Elephant Love Song Medley come on, I stop whatever I'm doing (be it reading, or being on the computer, or lying down) and dance around my room, leaping in time to the music, being far more expressive with my arms and stuff than one ought to be if one is alone and dancing with oneself. Anyhow, the main point is, I need help! :o)
I'll bring you candy and flowers
Sit by the phone for hours
Sing a song outside your window
Just if you would let me know
I've actually considered getting dance and/or singing (boy do I need those) lessons in the last few days, just to pander to this new obsession. But at present, I think I'd rather master (or get closer to that point) my guitar first, and perhaps then try other musical type things. But still, just got me thinking, that's all. I love music - when I'm in my room I'm listening to it, when I'm on my way to Uni and between lectures, I listen to it - the only time I don't is when I'm watching TV, or trying to listen to lecturers who are teaching me stuff I knew 3 years ago :o)
No more waking up lonely
Will you be my one and only
Please let me know right now
'Cause I'm not gonna live forever
Anyhow, onto my plans for tonight - beyond making myself stuff to eat (which is high on my priority list, because I feel I should be eating right now), I've got no real plans. I've finished reading Lord of the Rings through again (read the third book in just one day, which I'm proud of), so I've not got any books to read. I'm redoing my website though, which is coming along nicely - it's in the directory c:\my documents\I-Will-Finish-This\, but I still doubt I will. I never have the attention span to finish websites. Right now, I've done the front page, the DVD list, and the biography - I still have much to cover before it's done and uploaded.


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