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This just gets better and better...
Slamming ones head into hard objects is never good. No, honestly, it's not, no matter what you may have heard from people. However, it's a good alternative to homicide. The latest on the little "situation" is this......

Last night, when she went to bed, he looked like he was following her back there (he often goes to her room late at night, see). So, just short of following him and kicking his ass, I decided instead to go back to my room and phone her. I did so, asked if he was there and if she needed saving. Thankfully, he wasn't, so all was well. However, I found out a couple of hours ago that he wrote her a little note and slid it under her door. She has the original, but I've seen a copy, and it goes something like...

"I just want to tell you how much I really like you, and like talking to you. I'll miss you for the next two days while you're away, but I hope you have a good time. I really wanted to kiss you earlier to say goodbye, but didn't. Perhaps I shall kiss you on Monday to greet you back again"

I think this accurately demonstrates why it is that I seriously want to kick that boy's ass. The following reasons should explain why...
  • he has a girlfriend and thinks that it doesn't matter
  • he lives in the same flat as her - we have rules about things like that
  • he still hasn't told her (although others have, unknown to him) that he has a girlfriend
  • this is upsetting her, and putting her in an awkward position

Basically, these are the reasons for which I so want to kill him. He really has gone too far, and now she's actually worried about coming back home (to the flat, that is) on Monday. This is so not bloody right. I shall kill the bastard if anything more happens, I really shall. I think on Monday, I'll go pick her up from the station, and then accompany her around whenever possible in order to keep that slimy sleazy asshole at a reasonable distance. She's really not happy, and that makes me extremely not happy. Grrrr

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You're right about thinking to pick her up (Mice, was it?)

But, this greesy lad, have it out with him. Say what's what. Don't have to resort to kicking his arse, but can if it helps

Seriously, do have a word with him. Be it a quiet one, or a very vocal one

I dunno... If I do, then it'll be awkward. I'm used to deceiving people, I'm a dirty little liar at times, so that's OK. I can pretend I like him. But if I have it out with him, then he'll dislike me, and he'll know I dislike him, which will result in badness

Bad feeling in what sense?

Is it not Mice and the flat as a whole we're worried about here?

This guy is making Mice feel awkward\uncomfortable, he's got you worked up. And possibly the same feelings are echoed throughout the flat. I don't know.

It'd be better for everyone to make their feelings known. If he finds out you don't like him, big deal. You odn't have to be best of mates, just be civil to eachother

Whatever you do, try to make sure as few people as possible, if any, get hurt

Hope my ramble makes sense

I'm one of the only ones who knows about it. There's only four of us (plus him) that know he has a girlfriend back home in Greece, and only three of us who know that he wrote Mice the little note I detailed earlier. I don't want to bring the others in really, because it's one thing me hating him, but quite another if my actions lead others to hate him too. That's not necessarily fair...

Basically, right now, he thinks I'm in the dark about the whole thing, and we get on OK. If he knew I knew, and how I felt about the matter, then it'd make talking awkward and stuff. Which is bad...

You sure have a difficult one there

Stick to your guns. Pick Mice up from the station, as you suggested

If you officially know he already has a g\f, have a word with him, alone not in public, and raise your concirns with him. How it's not right for his g\f, nor is it fair on Mice. All that kind of thing

If you don't officially know, get someone who does to have a word

this reminds me soooo much of incident with SMS a little while back. I'm just applying how pissed off I was then to this situation.

rant at him. at least. He is scum. at least. I'm prejudging. I'm probably right.

You are right. But it's not exactly my place...

hmm ye, but was it mine, well I suppose I was more directly involved...

Get him drunk one night, take him to the sea and throw him in. With any luck it will look like suicide... If it doesn't then you're in sh*t but you never know...

When has James ever _not_ been in a load of shit? Ho hum... Anyway, James, I agree with David here - just talk it over to him. And tell Mice about it. And if you really want to be nasty, get the phone no. of his girlfriend in Greece (?)...

And obviously, for that last "nasty" suggestion to actually be nasty, make sure you tell her about it too.

Mice knows all about it. As in all about it - it's just that officially, she doesn't. As in, he doesn't know that she knows he has a girlfriend.

My criminally minded brother, ladies and gentlemen...

Unsolicited advice

Interfering oldgit time!

First off, calm down. You'll do yourself an injury and save Tolis the bother. Good idea to meet Mice on her return. Here is my suggestion for what it's worth:
She needs to tell him that she is not interested. Either to his face (in the presence of you and others) or if she can't face that, pop a note under his door. Then if he persists she can tell him (again with witnesses) to FUCK OFF!!!! Leave him in no doubt. If after that he still persists, then it is harassment and the university should do something about it.
It's rotten when something like this happens and it can really mess up the atmosphere in the flat.
I hope this gets sorted soon; do try and involve others in the flat, it should help Mice to deal with the little shit.

BTW re: going out twice in a row- tell someone who gives a damn!

Re: Unsolicited advice

I am calm. If I had been anything less than calm, I'd have done something really stupid. grrrr.

As to the advice, you're right, as per... :o)

I shall ignore your final comment

Re: Unsolicited advice


I'm right????????

Damn, must have given you the wrong advice ;-)

Interfering young brother time!

First off, DO NOT clam down. You'll do that bastard an injury if you're lucky. Good idea to meet Mice on her return. Here is my suggestion for what it's worth:
She needs to kill. Either to his face (in the presence of you and others) or if she can't face that, pop a hand grenade under his door. Leave him to die slowly and painfully. If after that he still persists, then call an excorsist.
It's rotten when a dead body is left for too long, it can really mess up the atmosphere in the flat so deal with the remains sooner rather than later.
I hope this gets sorted soon; do try and involve others in the flat, it should help Mice kill the little shit.

BTW re: going out twice in a row- give yourself a big pat on the back!!!

don't use language like that, your fathers reading :o)

well, my mum reads my website but its generally inoffencive, unless its meant to be, and when its meant to be she takes it in the nice mean spirt its intended...


That's scary... I can see me-like elements of humour in there... You have learned well :o)

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