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By the way, new userpic...

Much better - my userpics must be nekkid, there's a rule, or something... :o)

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NO THERE ISN'T!!!!!!!!!


This coming from someone who looks like they're doing the outside weather forecast for BBC 2.


God, now that you mention it, that's exactly what he looks like - but don't forget to call him rotund ;o)

I prefer Barrelesque ... sounds more cultured!

No, it suits me ... not you!

Would you be happier if I struck a semi naked catalogue pose with a James Bond stylee raised eyebrow instead! ;-)

Ha, my eyebrow is in my own style. James Bond wishes he was me :o)

Style!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAahahahahahahahahaha!

All the rage in Milan I hear!

Hahahahahahahahaha! Yes ... but that is on Victoria Peak in Hong Kong! Bit of a geographical difference!

Explain how this makes you look any less like a barrelesque BBC weather forecaster?

Because BBC 2 do not report weather from Hong Kong! Sheesh you gotta start working these things out yourself!

Had I been on the roof of TV studios in Birmingham for example ... I would have looked like the above ... but I'm not!

So you're telling me that if say, Michael Fish went to Hong Kong, he'd no longer look like a weather forecaster? Sorry chubby, your logic is flawed.

He would look like a weather forecaster if he was delivering the weather. BUT as BBC 2 do not deliver weather reports for Hog Kong and, anyone with a modicum of awareness would recognise the city - No I do not look like weather reporter on BBC2!

Were you to have said a weather reporter on Pearl TV ... a Hong Kong tv channel ... I may have agreed! the logice is there oh anonymous one!


you call THIS "nekkid"? honey, aim the camera a bit lower :))) then, maybe, we will believe you :)~

I have done - just not in public. I'd hate to give somebody a fright or something :o)

Re: nekkid?

why not? shy?!!!! you don't seem to be the type :)~

No, I'm just polite - I don't stick my nekkid bits anywhere unless specifically asked to. It's only fair.

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