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I had a witty title on my way here...
... but it's gone. Totally and utterly. I can't remember what it was. Nobody has told me what film that was yet, so I'll just assume that I made it up, and go off and make it. Gits, all of you.

So, let's see. David isn't coming down today, he's coming down next Saturday. By happy coincidence, so might Michael and Dan. Turns out Dan is tired of putting up with him (figures). I expect they'll probably drive down on Saturday, then drive back Sunday evening or something. My Saturday night will rule :o)

So, let's take a look at what's been happening since last time. Well, I went out again last night (yes Dad, twice in a row - deary me ;o), with Mice and Alex... That was less by way of "let's go have a drink", and more a sort of "let's get out of the house before somebody gets injured". But at the time, I didn't actually know this. I knew there was something odd going on, but heck, nobody seems to tell me anything any more. When we were at the Grapevine, I then asked them what was going on, and it turns out that it was the following...

Tolis has a girlfriend back in Greece. We knew this (but only in the last couple of days, since he'd tried to hide it before). However, he also wants a girlfriend in England, just for while he's staying here. He figures that his girlfriend will probably be doing the same back home, so why not, eh? He has decided that he'd like this girlfriend to be Mice, who he says he likes because she's blonde.

Yes, I know he's a lot bigger than me, and yes, I know I have to live in the same house as him for another 28 weeks. That's not the point. The point is I have had to punch several walls last night just to avoid doing something stupid. She's my friend, and he has NO right to treat her like that... I mean come on - the nerve of that boy! If I got it into my head to kick his ass, I could do - I have the element of surprise, and the element of throwing heavy objects at him should I so desire. Grrr... I so want harm to come to him, you know... As do Mice and Alex, and perhaps Harry (to whom he said all this, but she's gone home for the weekend). Anyhow, needless to say that Mice is glad she's gone home this weekend - she really doesn't need this jerk messing her about and basically being an abject shit towards here. Ho hum...

So many people have gone home, it's unbelievable. OK, so it's only a couple, but like, that's still a lot. Harry went home on the bus last night, and Vicky got picked up by her mother and taken home (back to Reading - yeesh). Mice took the train back to Kent at about 8am this morning, Joyce is in Paris right now. There's only 8 of us left - shocking, really.

Hmm... Downloaded a load of UT stuff off the net and put it onto floppy. I think I shall now take that back to my flat and try it out, since I've done everything I want to online... Need to talk to David, because he's worrying me with some of the scary stuff he's talking about (i.e. anybody who could be compared to K******)... More later...

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in a pretend drunken state (hell maybe an actually drunken state), to throw something large and heavy in his general direction, no scrap that, in his specific very well aimed-for-a-drunk direction, what seeing as I don't have to live with him and all. You know how I think of people like THAT. :o)

You haven't heard the half of it - update coming soon...

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