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Things change, and sometimes you have to change with them. Some things do not change. For example, the color of my hair, which was meant to be blue. Last time we saw how I'd bleached my hair in preparation for putting blue dye into it and looking damned cool with it. Well, since then, I put the dye in. And guess what it did - it made my hair go brown/grey (with a hint of blue). Now, this is familiar to me - haven't I had that color before? Oh, wait, that's my natural hair color... Yes, I bleached my hair, then dyed it James's Natural Color. Bah!!
It's nice to meet
someone with a future as fucked up as mine.
So, I'm unpredictable,
Is this some fucking sign of the times?
Undaunted, time passes on to last night. With my newly dyed Normal hair (which was, nevertheless, orangey underneath), I decided to go out clubbing to the Gloucester with various people. I won't go into it right now, but suffice it to say that I don't want to be that drunk again, it was quite an error in judgement. I certainly recall at one point deciding that I wanted to push the limits of the safe amount of alcohol one can consume in a week (21 units), just to see if I could prove that I could drink more in the space of a couple of days without dying or something. Needless to say, this particular thought occurred to me while I was drunk, rather than when I was actually sober, and I didn't get the chance to put it to the test. I should really have learned some lessons by this point, you'd have thought - not least of all the lesson about how I should eat before drinking. I'll know for next time :o)
I take pride
in what I do, and I do it well.
Call me easy-going
but at least I have a finished story to tell.
Anyhow, thanks to a kickass timetable, I have no lectures on Wednesdays. Which means, basically, that I've had nothing to do today, so I was able to recover from the inevitable hangover until early afternoon, when I then went out to do shopping. My hair still looked like my normal color in the natural light, so amongst the things that were bought was enough peroxide to nuke my hair to white. Which'll bloody well show the misbehaving thing...
Cause' tomorrow I just might be
another face on T.V.
being arrested for telephone fraud
or beating someone to death with my guitar!
But I know I will go far...
So, without further ado...

That's what it looks like. Form an orderly queue before laughing and/or insulting it. The line starts with TMA :o)
I know I will go far enough
to tell you that I love you
But I know I'm stupid
just because I run right back to you
Anyway, so yes, I now have proper blonde hair (rather than whatever it was yesterday), which is fun. In amongst dying my hair, I have also been playing guitar. And so, here's a quiz, open to all people except for my brother, who would do too well at it (because he knows almost every song I can play). The person who can identify the most songs wins a prize:

Song 1 - Song 2 - Song 3 - Song 4 - Song 5 - Song 6
Song 7 - Song 8 - Song 9 - Song 10 - Song 11 - Song 12

Good luck to one and all, if anybody can name more than about 5 I'll be shocked...
I got your letters yesterday
but I don't have a thing to say,
so I'll nail 'em to my wall
and just pretend they'll go away!
Cryptic time, there always has to be one. This week's cryptic time is sponsored by David Whitney - Interesting Fragrances for All Occasions. It's just funny looking at history repeating itself, especially when you really didn't think it was going to, and were assured that it wouldn't. Something about rings, and disappearing, I'm sure I read a book about that once, or maybe it was a movie... Either way, the point still stands, but won't be explained :o)
I don't wanna love you,
but it's something that I love to do.
So I'll say this one last thing and then I'm...
I wrote a massive long post interspersed by lyrics last night too, as it goes, but sadly my computer crashed before LJ came back online, and I lost everything. And the problem is that once I write something down, part of it leaves my head and sticks on the computer screen, so I can't quite remember anything I'd said, nor the way I said it. So that's an account of events that'll never be coming back, but I won't mourn for it. I expect it was just talking about my second day of lectures (and again, I only had one)... Just learning about Computer Vision and stuff, nothing earth-shattering...
Gone away for good...
Was I misunderstood?
I guess that it's too late to save you now!
Heh, and on a final note, I just did the Which Kevin Smith Male Are You? and came out as Banky from Chasing Amy. Given the options, that's the coolest one - Jason Lee in arguably his best character :o)

Anyhow, time to move on and just post this thing :o)

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My style consultant has advised against that

Yes indeedy - bad move.

Yeah DMZ, although I'm wondering how you looked when you did it :o)

Like a complete and utter moron, of course.

don't touch your eyebrows! i like the contrast... kinda like mine, now

but awwww... your hair is adorable! reminds me of a fluffy yellow duck :D

Heh, I had just been saying that I like the contrast myself... :o)

At the minute it's all fuzzy and fluffy and yellow. I like it :o)

Bah, well I like it :oP


the badass british rapper...

If you were just a little closer geographically, I would be taking some time out to exact a brutal and fitting revenge.... :o)

well that attitude certainly can be compared to eminem.....

Ah, but if I were Eminem, I'd say something akin to "Bitch, if you dis me again, I'll blow your motherf**king head off" or something. Which I did not :o)

well it wasnt the words....youre british, and hence more sophisticated than eminem by nature....but the attitude was just the same. haha.

i think you're right about your skin tone being well suited for the blonde color.

actually looks natural on you.


Natural it does not look :o)

Although it would if I had lighter eyebrows - despite how yellow it looks in the pictures, I rather think that in person, it looks more natural. But still, I'm a long way off having the fair complexion that would go with the hair...

Seeing as no one else appears to wanna play your quiz, can I 0wn at it now? :-)

Yes, feel free to 0wn at teh l33t qu1z :o)

1. Dashboard Confessional - Again I Go Unnoticed
2. Dashboard Confessional - Unsure of the title, but I know the song.
3. A song you made up.
4. The Ataris - If You Really Wanna Hear About It
5. The Ataris - Summer Wind Was Always Our Song
6. Live - Turn my Head
7. Uncle Kracker - Follow Me or something
8. Semisonic - This'll Be My Year
9. Live - Song I don't know
10. Fuel - Shimmer
11. Don't know
12. Blink 182 - Anthem Part II

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