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Just look at the hair and cringe, peons...
The cryptic part first - easiest to get that out of the way. So yeah, I changed something that I've kept constant on for a long time, but I figured that it was for the best. Perhaps it's like closing the stable door after the horse has bolted (twice), but then again, maybe it's just like fixing the lock on said door so that I won't screw up again. Regardless, that's one less thing I have to worry about in future...
Lately I've been feeling
A little bit neglected
When it comes to your ex-boyfriends
Well, I guess I'm overprotective.
But it's nothing personal
I just wanted you to tell me that you care
First lecture today... I only had the one, because Mondays are being kind to me - I start at 12:30, and only have one thing, plus a workshop at about 5pm (which is annoying), but those don't start until next week, so I was okay this time. Spent the whole time writing stupid notes to Mice on pieces of paper, as we've done more or less since first coming to University. It's fun to wind her up, you see... :o)
Lately I've been thinking 'bout
Sticking my head in a toaster
I never asked to take a ride
On this emotional rollercoaster
It's you that I want,
But lately it feels like you're not there
So after lectures, after catching up with Vicky for a while and telling her all about America and stuff, I then came home, waited around a bit, and then went shopping. I was on a mission, see... Anyhow, so, the mission is, to dye my hair blue - I got bleach, and I got blue hair dye. So yeah, that's good. Got back, and made a start on the whole thing, although I only got as far as the blonde stage - I'll do the rest tomorrow or something, but I want to go a day being blonde first just to see how I like the color. I personally think it suits my skin tone far more than my normal hair color, but you can't really tell from the pictures (which kinda make it look more orange than it is)...
Lately I've been contemplating
Jumping in the ocean
Sometimes even Spock would show
A little more emotion
Do you still love me now
As much as you loved me yesterday?
Lately I've been hoping for
A little bit of affection
Sometimes I wish that you had came
With your own set of directions
I guess it's not that easy,
But I hope that you still love me anyway
So anyway, that's what it looks like (although I like to think that usually I look less goofy). I'd ask for peoples' opinions, but I'm kinda scared just in case the opinions aren't quite as optimistic as my own opinion of how it looks. Regardless, tomorrow at some point, I'll take the blue hair dye to it, which is named "Lagoon Blue" - hope it looks good. Whatever else, it'll certainly look blue, since my hair is light enough right now that it should take the color reasonably well...
Lately I've been thinkin' 'bout
Taking a vow of silence
I've never seen a monk resort
In any acts of violence
Or maybe I'll just cry
And hope you come around again today
Anyhow, after doing my hair, I've done very little tonight. A bit of drinking with people, plus Domino's Pizza (I had to get it just the once since I'm back at Uni now, and I've not had a bought pizza since being at JFK in America). That's more or less all there is to my night, but you know, it's not so bad. Oh, plus, I realised how like Simon Pegg my Uncle Ste looks - it really is quite worrying, from a certain point of view :o) More later, perhaps, depending on my mood...

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OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH LOOK! James has gone all GINGER!!!!!!!!! Hehehe!

... and I think last night you had enough opinions on it didn't you! ;-)

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