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And today's AMP point goes to...
So you know, I'm just stood at the station, waiting for my train to Uni from Brighton, as I seem to do every day, and I'm just looking up and down the platform. Suddenly I spy a man who fits the following description (which I used as a checklist for identifying him):
  1. He had pink hair
  2. He had facial hair
  3. He looked about 5'7"
  4. He answered the phone when I called Shaun's number
From these obscure and complex clues, I deduced that the person I was looking at was indeed Shaun. We had conversations, tried to break into university buildings (or something), much fun... First time I've accidentally bumped into anybody that I had previously only known online - I feel proud of myself :o)

In other news, I got my timetable. It looks something like
Monday: 12:30 onwards
Tuesday: 12:30 onwards
Wednesday: 11:30 onwards
Thursday: 10:15 onwards
Friday: 9:15 onwards
Which isn't so bad really... Means I get to sleep in most days, which is something that's very important to me :o)


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