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Sum fings.
Grr... Hate fire alarms. One went off right at the start of the maths lecture. You might think "Hey, cool", but it isn't if you made a real effort to get yourself and Vicky there on time, only to find that it won't start for 20 minutes, and there won't be enough time to get through everything. I'd sooner be learning, to be honest...

Anyway, my book came. Did I mention that? I don't expect I did, since it happened after my update. Yes, the book came - it's big, red, and looks ever so boring. But I need to study the sort of algorithms its possible to do with AI coding languages in order to write good ones for my own agent. I also need to get hold of some floppy disks, so I can download stuff off here and put it onto my computer at home - they should sell them in the computer labs, that'd be so much easier...

Woah, I just realised I'm in the big lab. I had been thinking I'd gone to the small one. That's odd. It's because the small one had a class in, so I came back here. Anyway, the point is, I'm confused and disorientated. But at least I'm still sane, eh? :o)

Um, I think I'll go back to the flat now - I have some work to be doing, and some reading for tomorrow that it'd be good to get done. I'll be back later, maybe.....

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Oh goody...

*thinks about where the hell that is*

You odd little child... I won't let you do that, I've fallen for that one before...


Re: Øther fings



I hate having to visualize the board in my head :o)

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