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I missed this place...
Well, I'm settling back in just fine, although I still feel icky, and I've not bothered unpacking all my stuff yet. It can wait for later - right now, I don't feel up to it. I've thus far downloaded the first episode of Season 8 of friends, and watched it with Jimbo - I'm going to download the next 6 or so overnight, and watch them whenever...

I've also downloaded the music video for Every Morning by Sugar Ray - that brings back memories. Easter 1999, and we were staying in an apartment on the upper west side of Manhattan... Waking up in the mornings and watching Pop-Up Video on VH1, where they'd inevitably play that song. It because the song for that holiday, and led me to buy Sugar Ray's CD, thus helping to shape my musical tastes at the time (since the rest of the CD is a little more guitar-oriented than that song). I've not seen the video in ages, but now I have it on my hard disk :o)

In other news... well, there is no other news... So I think I might watch The Emperor's New Groove on DVD - it's just such a quotable movie, and it's ever so sarcastic. And that's all I really ever want out of entertainment - something as sarcastic as I am, or perhaps even moreso. I've a while to wait before the next few episodes have downloaded anyway, so I have time to kill. Right now I'm wondering what music videos I like, so that I can download them, but I can't think of any off the top of my head. We'll just see...

Oh, and of course, the quote of the day:

[17:01:44] <Dirk|working> german frogs go qu4rk

That is all :o)

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Are you getting the episodes from Morpheus, or are you using something else?

Nah, I'm getting them from KaZaA...

go and download the video for "pretty when you cry" by Vast
hehehe creeeeeeeeepy. ::nods::

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