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Home Sweet Home...
Yes indeed, I'm back to Uni... I've missed this place. Jimbo did a great job in tidying it up at the end of last term, we all owe him a lot for that - it looks great :o)

It occurs to me (or was pointed out to me, rather) that in the last year or so, I've not been especially unwell. Including this occasion, I can only think of three times - once in mid march, once for a couple of days while I was in America over the summer (in the third week, if I recall correctly), and now. Clearly Jen has kept me in good health (perhaps by making me eat all the damned time ;o)

Speaking of which, I've cropped the pictures from the digital camera that I took while in America, but I'm not uploading them until I get approval from a certain person, in case she hates every single one (unlikely, since they all look wonderful). And, as if I couldn't have predicted it, the pictures total 6.23mb in total. *sigh*

I now have The Emperor's New Groove on DVD - it's such a quality movie, how could I not get it, eh? I'll watch it later sometime, I think. But right now, it's lunchtime - I'm not sure what to eat yet, but I think it's going to be a Tikka/Chicken/Pepperoni variation of grilled cheese :o)


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