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Name this film
PLEASE. I need to know what this film is, because by God is it annoying me that I don't know...

OK, so some guy created an evil AI thing using a mixture of the minds of a load of criminals, as I recall. He wanted to bring it to life, so he went to this tech dweeb guy who had a way of putting it in a body, and sold the idea to him by pretending it was some cute chess-playing chick. So the evil entity was then brought to life. Our hero (who starts the film in prison, I think), then has to fight this thing. As I recall, he hooks up with some female cop or something, who also has a daughter for what that's worth. At one point, he shoots at the guy, who moves a civvie in front of him, thus getting our hero into shed-loads of trouble. Anyway, the thing is that the evil badguy dude has one personality of those making him up which is dominant - that of our hero's arch-nemesis type guy. As a result, our hero is able to second guess him, and save the day. Now, who can tell me what the hell film that is? And if it's not one, I would like to remind you that anything I say here is © myself and LiveJournal, so you can't steal my idea.

In other news, I did my laundry last night. Hooray. It wasn't too hard, considering, which was good. After doing that, I then went back to the flat, went on the swings for a while (as per), and then went back to watch Ally McBeal. The list of "TV shows which have actually made me cry" is now up to three - X-Files, Knots Landing, and now Ally McBeal. It really was so upsetting... I dunno, perhaps I get too involved or something. But damn, that really was so bad :o(

Anyhow, um, what else is there... Well, I'm waiting for my mail today, which still hasn't arrived. I should be getting my text book from Amazon, which is nice. I've also just read the script to the first episode of series 7 of friends - amusing, I suppose. Ho hum...

I have a mathematics lecture in about 20 minutes, followed by a programming exercise class, and then another mathematics lecture at about 3pm. I can't get my java program to compare strings correctly - I was sure you could just do

if (name == "James"){

But it seems you can't. So I'm having to actually use one of the libraries to compare them, then return a value of 0 or 1, then doing my "if" based on that. It's a bit annoying, but if that's all I can manage...

Oh, somebody called me the other night (while I was out of the room), and send me a text message the other day. Whoever that is, I don't actually know who you are. Therefore, don't expect any replies - I'm not about to spend money on some random person. Ho hum...

Oh, and yes, I have finally topped up my phone. I feel well proud of myself. And I should still have enough money to get through the week (although I have just had to write out cheques to the value of £545.53)... Anyhow, I'm off to check the post again before my lecture - back later, no doubt :o)

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Why not get everyone from your floor/building/clan/ilk to get a LiveJournal, and then have another LiveJournal wit the friends listed as those people? It would rule. And be quite amusing.

Also, I sent you a message ysterday but I clearly marked it was from me. Unless you're going daft.

It sounds like you're really growing - which is great to hear. It sounds like you're also having fun. WELL I SHOULD HOPE SO! *Insert moans about tax*

Be safe, won't-cha!

Re: Things of Nothing

Unfortunately, my friends aren't computer-type people, as such. A few use the Uni e-mail, but that's about the limit. Sorry :o)

No, I got the message, and knew it was from you. So it's not that one :o)

I hope I'm having fun. After all, I am living off your tax money, along with the rest of my student-type ilk... :o)

Damn you to hell re: tax.

And look at my site! Woo, it's good.

Have a good evening, squire.

Re: Things of Nothing

I do still have to pay a lot of my own stuff. As far as I can see, your tax money only goes to funding the Universities as a whole, and to tuition fees. Thus, your gripe is with the system, rather than those who use it - you'd have to pay anyway :o)

Your site is good. Congratulations :o)

That's not the point! I can't gripe at people I can't see.

Re: Things of Nothing

Theoretically, you can't see me. Will you stop now? :o)

I can see your photo. But I will stop.

Re: Things of Nothing

You can see what you believe to be my photo. Perhaps I'm a girl. Did you ever think of that?

(please say no)

I enjoy looking at you stroking what should only be described as your imaginary beard.

Re: Things of Nothing


*strokes imaginary beard some more*

Hiya! I found ur journal by pushing Random and i've got to say. Your journal r0ckz! :) lol it's very good. Anyways just thought id comment and say hi since I stopped by. So feel special or something :)~ lol not really but you can pretend.

Thanks - my journal does rock, you're right... ;o)

Oh, and I do feel special, not in a pretend way. Honest :o)

*Sigh* . . . YOU rock. :-)

How did you get to be so adorable anyways?

Years and years of hard work and practice. It wasn't easy, let me tell you...

lol you BETTER feel special :)~ and not cause your journal rocks but cause I stopped by :)

Well obviously I do..........

lol kay, just to annoy you w/ another post, I thought id post that :)~

Just popping in to say hi. I don't know who wrote your film but I notice if it's not a film then both you and LiveJournal have copyright on it. So if it doesn't exist, Brad Fitzpartic can make a film with your idea. You fool. Ahahaha.

See you on Sunday.

This is where I pretend to know something about Java.......

So what was the error message? How did you initiate the variable?

Sad innit? But you never know I might be able to help. Mind you by the time I work out what went wrong you'll have probably graduated!!! I do actually possess a Java book, and I've read a bit of it. I even understood some of what I read. I'll shut up now

Re: Your Java problem

There was no error message. The syntax was deemed by the compiler to be correct. However, the if() statement threw up "false" when it should have come back with "true"...

The variable was initiated as I got it (if that makes any sense, I'm not fully conversant in programming language, but...). As in, I wrote:

String name = Console.readString("What is your name?");

I also possess a Java book. Which was how I found a nice object which will compare strings for me. Using that worked fine, and I even got it to be case insensitive :o)

i know this!!!

Its virtuosity with denzel washington and russel crowe ... i dont know my url but my email is ..

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