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My e-mails home don't seem to be getting through. So I'll say Hi Mummy here and hope that a random sibling and/or parental unit sees it and passes it on.

Hopefully going to see LotR today, although we've had so many aborted attempts that it's not even funny.

So far, I have done the following new things - gone ice skating, eaten pasta (just a little, but still...), eaten Bounty (yes, I know it's British, I just never had cause to eat it back home until I brought Jen some), and loads of other things, but I can't be bothered with writing them.

Ooh, and all the power went off in this room - I think the computer is on an unbreakable power supply, but I couldn't say for sure - best hit "post" and hope that it gets to the server before the PC dies :o)

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Nah it didn't work. UPS must have given out...

Could be... Oh well.

So how's England?

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