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Broken Promise Ring
Another Christmas comes around. This year, Santa brought me loads of cool stuff (yes, I'm 20, yes, I still have a stocking of presents, so what?), including CD-Rs, a CD carry case, chocolate, Mornington Crescent and Monty Python books, and many other things. Which is good :o)

...i never conquered, rarely came, tomorrow holds such better days, days when i can still feel alive, when i can't wait to get outside the world was wide, the time was mine, the tour is over i've survived, i can't wait 'til i get home, to pass the time in my room alone...

So let's take a look at the time scale for today... Present opening shortly, I would expect... Then a hectic morning of getting everything ready, my last minute packing and stuff... Then leaving at 4:30pm to go to the airport. I have my passport, credit card, plane ticket and train ticket all here with me. Then about 30 hours of travelling, and I'm there :o)

...remember our first apartment, our couch was never big enough for two, still we'd fall asleep in each others arms and wake up on the floor, now looking back it was made for me and you...

Oh, before I forget:

Merry Christmas

Hope that works okay - it looks a bit crap to me, but...

...not a worry in the world...

I sent out Christmas text messages last night to practically everybody on my phone - thank goodness those things are free, the number of messages I sent last night was quite phenomenal. David's reply was great, made me feel really happy, which is good. Anyhow, it's presents time :o)

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Boredom creates randomness...

... you'll never stop till you get caught...

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