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I've just checked...
I'm back on the Unix machines now, see, and I've been having a look around. In 97 there were 6 people doing Maths and AI. In 98 there were 7, last year there were 5, and this year there are just three of us. And I know both the other two. Just three people doing my course - how odd...

Anyhow, I've been playing with line breaks in Java. I can't get the bleeding Unicode stuff to work, and I left my java book back at the flat, so I can't really do much right now. I just know the ASCII code is 0D 0A (back from 1993 when I used to edit scenario.pak in a hex editor - those were the good old days), which is Chr$(13) and Chr$(10) respectively. But how to do that in Java such that it works is anyone's guess....

Ooh, and now I'm switching this browser between work spaces - very groovy. I like Unix :o)

Um, I don't have much else to say at all, really. I should go back to the flat in a few minutes to pick up my stuff, then go to my maths workshop. Fun, I'm sure. Plus, obviously, I have a lot more Java to be playing with later. Yay for Java :o)


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