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Technically in my timezone, today is Christmas Eve. Which means tomorrow, I fly out to America. Nervous? Heck yes.

So far I've only bought Christmas presents for two people in the world. I'll buy the others when I'm out in America, which has made the run-up to Christmas easier. Although I've thought of something I could get Garrett, which I may get at the airport. Just a funny little thing, that's all :o)

I'd go to bed, but I want to speak to Jen, and I know TMA is just waiting for me to go offline so that he can start sending me text messages. He woke me at about 5am this morning, so I sent him a text message in my sleep. It read "I'll try to make you look good in front of everyone". I don't know what it means, so don't ask me to explain it :o)

Tomorrow is my day for packing (looks like my blue jeans will be ready to take - excellent, since certain people didn't even know I owned any) - I have a long journey ahead of me. Leaving here at about 4:30pm GMT on the 25th, getting picked up from Harrisburg station at 8:45pm GMT (3:45pm EST) on the 26th. Don't ask me at what point I'll get sleep, I don't know. I'll have about three hours on the train, but I'll be too afraid of missing my stop I think...

It'll be weird being away - last time, I checked my mail, and stuff, and was generally available via LJ if nothing else. This coming week, I plan to use e-mail once, and that's to let my family know that I'm arrived fine. After that, the Internet can kiss my arse, frankly. I'm going to make the most of being out there, and that doesn't include the Internet. 'cept perhaps e-mailing David, of course, just to make sure he's okay :o)

Watched 12 Monkeys earlier - I've been saying for ages how I wanted to record it because I like it so much, but I missed the first 40 minutes (including Brad Pitt's excellent Tyler Durden-like speeches) so I didn't bother in the end. Still, I had a great time watching it, picking up on the little things I missed the first time around. On a Brad Pitt type subject, when I was watching old episodes of Friends on video earlier, there was an advert for Channel 4 when they were running a load of Brad Pitt films, and it said about them showing Legends of the Fall that weekend. Such a good movie, that :o)

I'm hungry and tired, and I can't work out whether I want to eat before bed or not. I'm thinking not - the hassle will only tire me out further, which isn't good - I'll fall asleep face down in my cereal or something silly... I'll give it another half hour or so, then stagger upstairs and pass out :o)


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