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Earlier I watched The Birds - it was scarier than I remembered it really...

Nowt left to do but go to bed, I guess - people aren't replying to my text messages for the obvious reason that they're all asleep. Inconsiderate bastards - it's not my fault if I'm an SMS whore :o)

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why do i keep missing you online by like, 30 minutes?

Here's an idea: Turn all of your clocks forward (or back, depending) half an hour. This way, you can't miss him.


You are still in my bad books for continually waking me in the night :oP


Well I won't do anything dumb tonight like going to bed or anything - I knew that was a bad idea. What time are you working?

Then come talk to me :o)

I could have sworn when i was talking to you earlier while you were watching 'The Birds' that you said it *wasn't* as scary as you use to think it was.

Re: Am i just retarded??

Well.... it wasn't at first.... Then it got scarier than I remembered. When I was talking to you, it was just in the building-up-suspense part that seems to go on forever. But the end bit is just too scary, I've decided.

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