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Blah, whatever, more nonsense...
Yes, it's me, I'm back again. Hooray! And stuff...

Firstly, a few things about recently. Did the diagnostic test a week or so ago, as you all know. Got my mark back from that - I got 25/30. To put that in some sort of perspective, Vicky got 23, Claire got 24, Mice got 12, and I know one person who got 28, but since he's repeating the first year, that doesn't shock me too much... Ergo, I didn't do as badly as I thought. The fact that since it was multiple choice I could guess increased my score somewhat, but then again, I'm personally very bad at the multiple choice format, which explains a lot of how badly I was doing in the first place... So I'm happy, anyway.

Ugh... I just spent £30 on a book for my AI course. But then again, it's an important book, since it is apparently useful for not just this term, but for many terms. Which means that it seems silly to just keep borrowing it from the library, if it's a reference I'll be returning to - it'll be good to make notes in margins, and underline things and stuff... Ah, the joys of having to review your books and notes for essays...

Also, going back to the "things I forgot to say" topic, we had pizza on Sunday night. Everybody in the house except for Ebs (who was out) ordered in a load of pizza, and followed it with a lot of ice cream with maple syrup (courtesy of me, ah, I love buying popularity with sweet goods). I am proud to say that I ate more pizza than anybody - I had 36Pi square inches, whereas the most anybody else had was 24.5Pi square inches. Of course, the crusts weren't so nice, so I ignored those, so that might bring it as far down as 25Pi square inches (assuming one inch crusts around the outside), but that's still more than anybody else. Anyway, it was yummy. Mine was, sadly, also the most expensive pizza, but it was worth it. We're not doing it too often (twice a month, I believe), so I'm not in danger of bankrupting myself just yet...

Oh, and I also played football. Did I mention that? I somehow doubt that I did. I am reminded of this because it was on Sunday, and I'm still sore. Naturally, as per usual, I played a high standard in the field of "crap", and somewhat sucked every time I got the ball. A few neat passes and crosses managed to at least reassure me that I'm not too bad, but I need more practice. James was asked to join the East Slope 6-a-side team, which will no doubt be good - it's nice to have our flat represented in sports - James with football, Vicky with kickboxing, Joyce with rugby, me with... um... well... chess? Oh, on that subject, played another game against Mice last night. After winning against her a good few times about a week ago, I've suddenly relapsed back into "sucking" mode, whereby I lost miserably. Lots of bad mistakes (as if you can make good ones in chess), I would say... Regardless of the reason, I lost. So I'm sad. :o(

Anyhow, I have a Maths workshop in a little while - I get to hand in the work I've done. Not wishing to count my eggs, I have a feeling I'm in 100% territory with it - the modules on Matrices and Numerical Methods (perhaps even Locus) and such that I did in Further Maths have helped a lot. It asked me to find the solution set to three simultaneous equations - I demonstrated that the three planes intersect on a line, and gave the cartesian equation of that line. The next question had no answer, since two of the equations when subtracted one from the other gave a plane parallel to the third, and thus they formed a sheaf (I think that's the word), where any two have a line of solutions, but the three together do not. Whatever, the point is, I did the work, I did it well, and I want recognition damnit :o)

I can't think of much else to say. Oh, other than a quick reassurance for my parents that I'm eating properly - bought some more bacon today (for tonight, perhaps), and 6 rolls, which I had with jam (bought last week) and cheese (bought today) for lunch. See, look, I'm eating. Hooray. When I finally go shopping in Brighton, I'll buy myself some ingredients for the recipes and stuff. Oh, and some handcuffs - nobody let me forget those...

nervous glance

Um, no, it's not quite what you think. It's something for the flat. You won't get it, but still... See, Vicky's pair broke, and Nick won't lend us his (he thinks Vicky will run off with them)... It's all very confusing, you know... :o)

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You want another match via the net? As I recall, last time I was losing, but thanks to some handiwork by our cat, my entire board was kinda... demolished... And since I was losing, I couldn't be arsed to put all the pieces back in place either.



Fine then...



a) You do not measure pizza by such precise means. Simply "I had 6 slices" will suffice.

b) Playing football is designed to make people hurt for days, possibly weeks, on end unless you get paid a lot of money to do it.

c) You are to clever by half, sonnyjim

d) I have a pair of handcuffs you could borrow, but I need them back for the weekend.

e) Lovely. It seems you're doing well. Seems I have tought you well (young Jedi).

Re: Observations...

a) I felt the need to accurately describe the exact amount. This was best done by taking the radius of my pizza (6"), squaring it, and multiplying by Pi. That's the best way of demonstrating that a whole Medium pizza was vastly more than the half a large that James and Lulu had...

b) I know. However, it's the only real exercise I get here (unless you count actually climbing the sheer cliffs back to my flat). And it's fun...

c) If only I were too clever by half... I am, alas, not quite clever enough. Although it is fun solving all the difficult complex maths using my advanced easy techniques, thus confusing everybody who only did one Maths a-level. However, this constitutes neither intelligence, nor humour.

d) We really need the handcuffs in the flat the whole time, I'm afraid. When James and Vicky get the urge to bond themselves together, it's best that they have a non-permanent means of doing so, rather than running for the glue...

e) I hope I'm doing well here. I certainly like it, it's a great place. But ask me in a few weeks when I find that I'm spending just over what I can afford... Thankfully, having not had a drink for over *gasp* 5 days has helped the cashflow thing :o)

It's not a sheaf. It's a prism. The first one was a sheaf, with its line of solutions. I am stupid :o(

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