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No fair! Two calls at once! And I could only answer one of them, which means that I missed a call. But I've been answering them good, being helpful and stuff. I've even learned the phone system, how to transfer calls to other phones (I sent myself a call to another desk to that I could see the relevant information), putting people on hold, that sort of thing. And I've done my best to be helpful, although it's been hard since I'm pretty ineffectual - I don't know what date they come back from Christmas holidays, I don't know necessarily who is in charge of what here, but still, I've made an attempt. Got a call from some company in Brighton - took me ages to work out where I knew the phone code 01273 from ;o)

Anyhow, otherwise, all is going well.

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h-h-hi..... :) i'm a dork...oh gawd.

Uh... Hi :o)

is your eyebrow pierced?? if so, that's so hot :) yeah, i'll stop now.

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