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Which Adjective Asshole are you? Make a note of the letters for each question (and let us know what you got):

1. When online, what do you wear?
A) Nothing, I post nekkid
B) A suit and tie, I like to look smart because I'm not
C) Something in a leather motif
D) Anything with an elasticated waist so I can eat at the same time
E) Green tights

2. What are your favourite animals?
A) Cats
B) Cats
C) Cats
D) Pus^H^H^H Cats
E) Sheep

3. What is your role in your social setting?
A) To lead with your charisma and talent
B) To obscure the issues with long words and rhetoric
C) To provide innuendo
D) f00d
E) The word "social" does not apply to my life

4. Which of the following describes your love life?
A) I'll have a go at anything
B) I'm hiding from my wife on the Internet
C) I enjoy muscular german men
E) The word "love" does not apply to my life

5. What is your food of choice?
A) Anything with a lethal dose of sugar
B) A grey mixture of beans that I make myself
C) Steak pizza
D) Ooh, did somebody say pizza?
E) I have been living on my own faeces

6. Which of these are you most likely to have said (and wish you hadn't)?
A) "Sorry, but I am REALLY not very funny, and my grasp of humour is, well, lacking"
B) "Give my regards to the sheep"
C) "And next time I see you, I *will* eat your brains"
D) "*munch*"
E) "I don't have any embarrasing quotes"

7. What's your favourite place to visit?
A) The Internet
B) The lavatory
C) The bedroom
D) The kitchen
E) The pub

8. Who do you think leads the Adjective Army?
A) They can sodding well lead themselves
B) Me, of course
C) The blind
D) The only thing that leads me is my stomach
E) Don't really care, but I'm second in command until I can be arsed to be otherwise

== Mostly A: You are The Unknown James, founder of the AA, and all-round nice guy

== Mostly B: You are The Arcane Chas. Sorry.

== Mostly C: You are The Ambivalent DMZ. You have been known to FUCK MEN UP THE ARSE!

== Mostly D: You are The Inane Dirk. You are probably eating right now.

== Mostly E: You are The Mythical Alex. But you won't care.

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ha, i'm james... =)

You can see this post? Practically nobody can see this post, not even me! You must be ever so special :o)

Oh, and I lied on question 7 - my answer is only A when I'm on another continent to you. Otherwise, it's C ;o)

I'm Dirk! I KNEW IT!!!!!!! 8-D

Why the Hell is it that if logged in as Jen (as I am now), I can see this post fine. It appears on my calendar, it shows up on my journal etc. When logged in as me (or my siblings, apparently), it doesn't show up on any of these. It's my post, and I can't even see it - how annoying.

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