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My day so far...
Let's see... I woke Drik up this morning, and he wasn't impressed with that. It was 9pm his time, but still, apparently Drik must not be woken for anything short of a three course meal ;o)

For his revenge, he tried to send me every song winamp plays, as it plays them, via SMS. Thankfully, no online SMS services seem to be working these days (shame on them), which has saved me. In further Drik related news, and to remind him to add it to AGRA.est, here's an approximate excerpt from last night's chat (from what I remember of it):

<Jamie> Oh my God, I'm getting a belly
<Jamie> I think I'm turning into Drik
<Dirk> If you were turning into me, you wouldn't care about your belly (-:

Something like that, anyway. Made me laugh :o)

Anyhow, back to a loose approximation for hard work. More permeation stuff, I think...

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(Deleted comment)
Yes. I don't make many Drik pots, you're very lucky. Do you feel lucky :o)

I'm glad you can't abus0r my phone. I'm still pissed that Chas crossposted that post to AMP I made across half of Usenet, and left my mobile number in my sig - that's inappropriate behaviour. Thankfully, none of those froups would know who the hell I was under that name, so... :o)

Anyhow, back to not working, and just SMSing people on my phone ;o)

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