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Lunch Time
It's sunny outside, but I'll bet my b*ll*cks that it's still freezing cold out there. Sadly, however, I have to go into town to stick some money into the bank - I've been walking around with £200 in cash about my person for the last few days, and it's probably best if I put it in the bank. Oddly enough though, I've resisted the temptation to just spend some of it, which is good :o)

I have my plane ticket, I have my train ticket, I'm all set for America. 6 days until I fly out, it's getting close, although I can't quite believe it. I could believe the first time I went out there - I've done first times of going to places to see people. Never done a second time, well, not like this anyway, not where it meant so much. It's exciting and new, see :o)

Work has been slow - I've been converting the manuals from .doc format to .pdf, which has taken ages. I have to first print them through Adobe's virtual printer, which turns them to PDF, then I have to find all the drawings associated with the various manuals, convert those to PDF, and merge them. This requires the use of about four different applications, all of which having a tendency to crash out. Mostly, I suspect, due to the fact that this is a Win98 PC, rather than an NT one. Quite why the network isn't NT, I don't know, but it means the PCs are less than stable...

*slaps the computer with an NT kernel*

Anyhow, in my breaks, I've been checking my e-mail and usenet. The latter is done by doing a telnet to the server, and manually requesting every article, then working out what people are on about in them. Replying is next to impossible (although I did do one reply), since you have to copy out the References: header field. However, this renewed interest in NNTP has led to me working out how LJ could have an NNTP<->LJ converter. It'd allow the reading of LJ posts through Outlook, as if they were newsgroups. Basically, the idea runs that meta data goes in X-Whatever headers, you'd post to the newsgroup lj.username, and reply to posts in any newsgroup. The server would then check the References header line to make sure that your posts to other users were valid responses to messages already existing on those users' journals. Private posts etc. could easily be dealt with at the gateway - the allow mask could be in a header X-Allow or something, and only valid users can get access to that article.

Anyhow, it's just an idea I had, I'll flesh it out when I haven't got a million better things to do with my time. Sometime next year, by the looks of things, since I only have another five days in this country, two of them are work, and the other three are for Christmas shopping (yes, I'm leaving it late, but anybody who doesn't get a present gets something cool from America instead, which should make up for it).

.... time passes ....

Right... Well... I've just been on a mission - Craig called and asked me to test some films, so I've been doing that. I've put them on, they'll probably be done by tonight, depending on how good they are as oxygen barriers (the factor we're testing). Ho hum, it's time to have lunch now, I think... :o)