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Picture the scene... It's 8am, and my alarm goes off. I think to myself "Hey, I still have an hour before I have to leave for my lectures, I'll lie here for a while". Now picture a subsequent scene - the time is 9:30, and I awake from my slumber and glance at the time. For just the second time in my life, I actually think to myself in a definite way "Oh shit!" (the other time being when I was living at home alone and I was late for work). I hate that feeling, because you know you can't do anything about it. The lecture would be finished at 10:05, and it'd take until about 9:55 to get there - no point. So I got dressed, did a bit of Maths work, then went to my second lecture. This I managed to attend without incident - hooray!

Anyhow, I'll be going back to the flat soon to find out what I missed. Thankfully, due to the wonder that is Further Maths, we're not learning anything in the first term that I don't already know. However, it's still a good idea to find out what it actually is that I already know... I blame my oversleeping on those damned swings - every night, at about 1am, we (for some inane reason) decide to go play on the swings for a bit. It's a great way to meet scary stoned people, and the occasional normal person. Oh well...

I tried coding a browser in Java, and it failed. Oh well, running before I can walk was probably a bad idea, but I just felt like doing something impressive. My "What is your name?" program can only hold my attention and awe for so long. Anyhow, I'm currently trying to find out how to handle exceptions with Sockets, so that I can open one and effectively connect to other servers (Altopia - hint hint). Hmmm...

Oh, and the AI side is going well. I have some neat ideas, which obviously I can't say, but which are very good. Inspired, would you believe, by Unreal Tournament. On which I have finally got back to the last level (having only managed it before with the help of a friend). The blasted git Xan keeps on wasting me, and taunting me with such phrases as "I am the alpha and the omega" and "You are obsolete". This can't last long though - we're playing on Hyperblast, the level that Ed and I played to death before I left - I can easily win this. When the scores got to -3/-2 I decided to give up - if we were going to keep falling off, it was just silly. But I'll go back and kick his ass later...

Got a letter from my parents - yay. Now I just need to remember to send my one to them (the one with the cheque for the phone bill in it). Ho hum...

Um, nothing much more to say. My next seminar is at 5pm, so I shall now go back to the flat for a while and generally be lazy. I'll do some more maths, a bit more AI, and some sleep too maybe... Back later...

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Beware of sockets and never ever feel tempted to insert any of your digits into one. You have been warned.

PS Note restraint re:oversleeping :-)

Restraint noted. But then again, it wasn't an "I'm so tired, I overslept". It was an "I'm so stupid I overslept". I did the same thing I used to do at home - just lie there for a minute, about to get up, and then go back to sleep. So you can't pin it on my late-night lifestyle :o)

And as to the sockets joke - all I can do is wave my hand at you and utter the word "bah"...

We oversleep in the same fashion. Freaky :-o

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