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if only i had more time
i'd take you where you wanted to go
italy isn't the same without you here

if only i had one wish
i'd want a million trillion lifetimes that i could spend with you
fall in love with you again and again, again

I think it's catching... First colons, then no capital letters... They've got me well and truly hooked. Not that I'm complaining :o)

Currently stuck on the "other" computer (the 1.4GHz one), which sucks. I've set all my stuff up on the old one, because I know that the speed of the PC makes no difference to browsing, AIM, and (most importantly) Usenet, and that if I use the old one, then my siblings won't fight me for it :o)

I found a version of Again I Go Unnoticed by Dashboard Confessional on this PC. And it's weird, because it has drums, and is in a different key to the one I have (Db rather than Eb). But then again, it's not so surprising, since it was released twice, on different albums. Just some trivia there.

Getting more AMP withdrawal symptoms, but it's okay, because I'll have the other PC soon enough :o)

#23 is sound-proof, you know...

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There is no woogability

You're catching colons?

Yeah, but you have to chase them for ages to get at them...


Hahaha ... I guess I'll never know!

Wow ... what did I do?

Aww... Nowt wrong with Woz :o)

we're more catching than any plague, boyo. :)

Heh, absolutely. I love the place :o)

By the way, how are you fixed for people to jam on guitar with? Only, I seem to be without anybody local (except for this one annoying guy I know, but we won't go there) when I'm at Uni, and I could do with the practice in the presence of somebody :o)

hmm, well, i have to say i do completely and utterly suck at guitar, but i'm up for it. :)

Woog, perhaps I won't be the worst person there then ;o)

(who am I trying to kid?!)

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