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Not much to say...
Um, let's see... The party last night was something of a non-starter - only Louise, Paul, Nick and one of Ebs' friends actually turned up. But that was OK, since we weren't really planning for it to be a big bash. Which, in turn, is OK for me, since the fact that I didn't make Vodka jelly for people (Jello Shots for the yanks) didn't make much of a difference. See, they need to grasp the idea that if they want me to do something, they first have to tell me, and secondly need to explain where the heck on campus you can buy a good bottle of vodka from, since I can't find anywhere... Ho hum...

Anyhow, the evening turned out to be a simple case of a load of us sitting around doing very little, occasionally going to play on the swings. The last time we did that was at about 2am, and the fire alarm in Lancaster House went off, so we got to see all the firemen and stuff. Which was, for want of a better word, boring. I think I finally went to bed at 3am, after Harry, Claire, Louise and Ebs had already gone. When I left, Nick and Vicky were handcuffed together, with "real" cuffs which don't have quick release catches. All good fun, I guess...

Oh, and before a certain somebody looks at when I got to bed and complains, I didn't wake up about an hour ago (half past one in the afternoon), so I did get sufficient sleep. And I didn't drink at all last night, thus wasn't in an incredibly sarcastic mood, and so the others got worried about me. I simply can't win, really...

Um, not much else going on right now. I just pre-ordered the next Pratchett book, which should be dispatched on release (2nd of November), to my home address, so that when I go home in 3 weeks, I shall have it waiting for me. Hopefully. Pretty groovy plan, really :o)

More later, I expect...

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A certain somebody is beginning to get a complex about the fact that a certain other somebody, i.e. you, doesn't seem to understand what I've been saying :-(
Don't worry I'm not going to say it again, I can't be bothered - there you go, a caring parent!
By the way did you mean to say "I didn't wake up about an hour ago", if so when did you wake up?
Where did you order the Pratchett from? I think WHS are selling it quite cheap on their website. You realise that if it arrives before you do, it'll be torture to just let it sit there unread.
To follow on from Ed's post, the PC was formatted & Win98 reinstalled. I even got the CDRW to work. Then the modem driver screwed up 98. Now every time I boot up it finds the modem, if I try to install the driver it hangs and if I try to cancel it hangs. Can't win. I guess I'll just have to take the damn thing out and stick a new one in. Or, thought just occurred to me, download new driver & give that a try. Oh well, it gives me something to do, and that something is to hate the bl**dy computer.

Bah... I was only joshing, I know what it is you're saying, and I'm taking notice of it :o)

I meant to say "I didn't wake up until an hour ago", I think. Silly me :o)

I ordered the book from Amazon, since it was about £13, and I can trust them to get it to the house before I have to leave to come back again (since I doubt it'd fit through the letter box here)

Ah, aren't computers fun :o)

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