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My bad...
I was awake at 6am, playing computer games (as one does), and I looked at the clock. It said it was 6, and I suddenly realised that I had no idea what day it was, nor whether that was AM or PM. I kept trying to work it out, and couldn't, so I had to go get my mobile to see what the 24hr clock said. It told me that it was 6am, which meant it was obviously Friday morning. It's kinda fun, not knowing what the hell you're doing from time to time ;o)

Anyhow, today is my last full day in Brighton, so I'd best get all my stuff together in preparation for going home. Dad is picking me up tomorrow morning, so I'd best have everything sorted. All I need to take home is everything I'll need for a week of work, and everything I'll need for a week in America. The other stuff can stay here.

Breakfast time - I have lots of grilled cheese to eat, since I ought to finish off all the ingredients I've got here :o)

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Could you see if you've got SMFTA and if so can you bring it back?

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