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Okay then...
Adjective Army Merchandise Are Go!

The Adjective Army Store

Ever wanted a cuddly teddy bear with "I LOEV TEH UNKOWN JAEMS" on it? Now you can get one, and more, at the Adjective Army Merchandise Store. Don't delay, order today!!

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Ooh... Rachel Army shirts...

We'll see who sells more Teddies - the "I love Sheepie" or the "I LOEV TEH UNKOWN JAEMS" one :o)

That's actually where I got the URL from for my one, as I recall.

I've already sold a "I love sheepie" t-shirt. but the postage costs are horrendous. I would have bought a lot of the sutff for myself if it wasn't.

Aye, I bought myself an "I LOEV TEH UNKOWN JAEMS" teddy, and the postage cost half as much again. However, I felt I had to buy it, for the following reasons:
  • It's only available until January 1st
  • Nobody else is going to buy something that says that
  • I needed to validate my existence
I'd buy some AMP stuff, only I'd rather not get screwed on postage twice in the same week :o)

really, I need to order it so that it gets sent to my auntie who lives in california and drop by next year to pick it up. hmmm. but I don't know her address.grrrrr

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