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Oh yes...
I feel better about my coursework already - this being a good thing. I've got some coursework marks back:

ILP1: 64% (05% of course) = 3.2%
IPL2: 44% (10% of course) = 4.4%
ILP3: 30% (15% of course) = 4.5%

ILP4 is the one I simply cannot do, which means that as things stand, my coursework for Intro to Logic Programming is 12.1% out of 50%. However, I believe that I can do well on the exam for this (certainly past experience shows that I'm better able to apply myself in an exam situation than in a coursework one). Regardless, this was no shock - while I'm reasonably good at Prolog, my ability to actually use it as a programming tool is somewhat lacking, as it goes...

SAI1: 85% (15% of course)

Now this is the gem. This is equivalent to having already completed almost 13% of this course (the equivalent to what I've done on the one above, as it goes), which is reassuring. Of course, SAI2 is the Tube Agent, which I'm really not a fan of, since mine doesn't even come close to working. However, I can fix that by writing a good report - the report is worth many marks, and I have the time to do it (I have 6 hours before it's due in).

But first, I should do my math project :o)


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