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Did you know...?
I had a different accent 10 months ago to the one I have today. Isn't that weird? See, 10 months ago was before I lost the posh bit, so... :o)

I've just finished doing February's MP3 playlist, based on all my "Current Music" songs, and any posts that said "Recently I've been listening to...."

Soon I'll have every month done back to when I started my journal. Except the later ones. You know, like when I was up to about 20 posts per day. I haven't the energy to add those. Lately I'm averaging about 6 posts per day, which is good enough. November was nearer 7 or 8, October was about 6 again, September was about 2, August was around 10, July is a special case with only about 25 posts in the whole month (I had better things to be occupying my time with). Then June, May, April, March, I was in double figures almost every day. No way am I going through those looking for current music stuff :o)

Anyhow, that was so boring, that it's prepared me for sleeping, so.............


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