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Went to sit on the beach for a while... The moon was beautiful - it was a crescent, but you could see the rest of it almost perfectly, you could even make out the seas it was that bright. And there were lots of stars (considering I live in a city), and no people. And you could see the reflection of the lights of the pier on the water...


So pretty... :o)

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Dammit. Why do you get beaches? I want a beach... this is an unfair beach situation, and I'm taking this to the European court of human rights. It's my God given right to have a beach, and not having one is infringing on that. Making it worse, not only do I *not* have a beach, but you do, and this upsets me more, thus infringing my rights to be non-upset. Therefore both you and your beach will be judiciously sued as and when I get around to it. The upshot of that is your beach may well end up being empounded and strip searched before finally being handed over to me. Thank you for your attention.

PS do not in any way read the word "beach" in the voice of Steve Irwin.

I seriously didn't write that how you think until I read it through at the end... I'm fairly pleased with the outcome nonetheless ;-)

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