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OK then...
Some people who could perhaps be said to be related to me in a parental capacity have been whining (no offence meant), it would appear. So this post is all about the good things I've done since being here, so my father can tell my mother nice things about me...

Yesterday, I ate. Quite a lot. I made myself and dip out of peanut butter and marmite, and then ate it with cheese and ham. That was lunch. I later had a bowl of weetabix (using an entire carton of long life milk), with less-than-copious amounts of sugar. This was supper. Then at about 10pm, I decided to eat some more, so I had a big bowl of bolognese. I don't have a name for that meal, really. However, this ought to assure them that I am getting sufficient food, right?

Also, they've been concerned about the amount of sleep I'm getting. There is no need - I slept 6 hours during the day on Weds, and went to bed before midnight last night, waking up at 8:30 this morning. If it's possible to lead anything close to a University life with more sleep, I invite you to tell me.

As for the alcohol thing, the point is that I only talk about drinking when I have been. That is to say, I refer to going out drinking every single time I do, pretty much. There have been many nights when I didn't go out spending vast sums of money, and this should be taken into account.

Onto my lectures - I have so far attended every single maths lecture - despite the fact that, modesty aside, I know the complete course in both my modules. This constitutes a desire to learn, in my opinion, and demonstrates that I'm at least behaving responsibly. I have yet to attend any AI lectures, but this is explained away by the fact that so far, as far as I can tell, there has only been one, and it was in a different room to the one on the timetables. This is further illustrated by the fact that I waited outside the room for half an hour at 6pm last night with a load of other students, who were also unaware of the room change (since there's no way of finding out, except on the website, which I have just done). I now know when and where all my lectures are, and have adjusted my plans accordingly. After the first week, it should settle down to what is on my timetable, however...

Other activities to note include the fact that I have put my name down for further information from a few societies and such, and that I am writing a letter. Yes, that's right, I decided a few days ago to write to Grannie and Gramps (for those of you reading this who are unable to comprehend, this means my grandparents), and I have written approximately 2/3 of a page every day. I shall post it either today or tomorrow, so that they either get it on Monday, or (as I suspect the case may be), get it when they're back from their holiday. See, I can be good you know... :o)

Anyhow, back to the normal updating. As I said - nothing much went on last night. Mice's friend Mark from back home came to visit, but we didn't see much of them *nudge* *wink*. Claire, James, Harry and myself played cards for a while, until about 11:15 when Claire and myself both decided that we needed sleep. I watched a bit of TV last night, most notably the thing about the big tidal wave whatnot (which New Scientist had already covered more than adequately), and Film 2000. It's odd keeping in touch with reality.... :o)

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OK! I give in (at least for the next 10 minutes..). But it's all your own fault, after all it can't possibly be mine. I mean just read your journal posts again and you'll find that lots of alcohol (so much so that being slapped didn't hurt), late nights or is that early mornings (never before 2am and often later) and not eating ("..hadn't eaten for 24 hours") are featured quite prominently. I do realise that "Not much happened and went to bed early" doesn't make for a good post but when you specifically mention 3 boozy nights plus a late one for Everclear, all in your first week, it could make a parental type at least wonder about you and your well-being. If these concerns came out as whines - sorry. I guess that the worry is that you'll make yourself ill and then have to go home, just when we thought that we had got rid of you :-))
I don't know, what's the point of being a parent of a student if you can't moan or complain or worry or whine. I have few enough pleasures left without being deprived of these

The point is, the noteworthy things in my life are generally the ones that you, as a parent, would see as being bad. However, there is good stuff - I just don't talk about it all that much...

Anyhow, as to the slap thing, I've found that it's Jack Daniels what does that to me - i.e., makes me go all numb. Additionally, now they all refuse to slap me ever, on account of the fact that I am, apparently, a geeky bisexual masochist who is after Mice and wants Keanu Reeves in custard. Quite where they acquired that I do not know, nor do I wish to find out. However, it suppresses their desire to ever hit me, which may come in handy :o)

Uh, due to the nature of my writing, that may have come across wrongly. The point is, their beliefs about me are false and I was wondering how they came up with them, not that I was wondering how they discovered my dark little secret. That is all.

Re:noteworthy things = bad

Not at all! Bad at 18 usually equals having fun. Don't have a problem there unless you're snorting coke or shooting heroin (some drugs are bad OK). The point, which I have laboured to death, is that you also need the not so noteworthy stuff like eating and sleeping to balance it. Ye Gods! I hope that we are not so hypocritical that we would want to stop you from doing what most 18 year olds do (and have done for years and years, even in the stone age when I were a lad), i.e. having fun, including the partaking of alcohol, even to excess (but not too often, you have got to give your liver and pancreas a chance to stage a recovery).
Point now hung drawn and quartered.

Re: noteworthy things = bad

You remind me of Chas, only a LOT more radical and liberal (if one can be both at the same time *g*)... Ho hum. Of course, this makes you partially like my parents, aside from the fact that they are totally different :-)

Re: noteworthy things = bad

That's funny, because Chas reminds me of my father. Except, obviously, more sarcastic, and more Yorkshirey...

Re:noteworthy things = bad

Only some drugs, eh? Funny you should say that......

(no, wait, just kidding)

Anyhow, you'll be pleased to know that I got 9 hours sleep last night. Which was preceeded by a pub crawl, which in actuality was going to two bars, and only having three drinks in total. So yay... :o)

but isnt that all tru...

I've said too much :o)

Just you wait until you come down here. I'll introduce you to them as my "sexually repressed friend", and drop horrible hints every five minutes alluding to deep dark and above all horrible secrets :o)

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