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Last in the series of Cold Feet was great, I love it :o)

But poor David - he shoulda bitch slapped Jon Pertwee's son into next week for what he did. And Karen is just a bitch. But yay for everybody else :o)

I'm kinda living on borrowed time now - it's only a matter of hours before I pass out, I'm sure. I've only been awake 30 hours, but that's long enough, I think. Just got to stay awake until a bit later, so that I get a proper night of sleep, or something :o)

Random: Why does the hottest girl in American Pie (Jessica) not hook up with anybody? It defies convention. Sorry, just a totally random and useless thought. I get them a lot when I'm this tired :o)

Random 2: And has Seann William Scott ever played a non-annoying character in anything?

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He is such an annoying pig fucker...

Obviously by pig I meant sheep ;-)

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